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True News 4 U has opened up Pandora’s Box to reveal the Truth on what is Currently going on.


TrueNews4U covers many Breaking News stories you will not see nor hear about on any MSM (Main Stream Media) outlet because it goes against their agenda to tell the TRUTH to the people.

We INFORM people about the TRUTH. We WARN people about present and potential dangers. We EDUCATE people so they will make informative decisions. We have you covered. Understand today to prepare for tomorrow. We do not make the news. We report the FACTS as best as we can. Get the most recent news here. If you read our newsletter, you can expect the HONEST TRUTH with TANGIBLE BENEFITS.

The contents of PANDORA’S BOX is ugly, foul and shocking. These things have been HIDDEN from the public for a very long time and now they are surfacing and being revealed. We all need to approach the contents that is being revealed from PANDORA’S BOX with PRAYER.


When we open up Pandora’s Box, we will learn about the following:

  • BE Informed
  • Tribunals



If you are interested in WANTING the TRUTH, come join us. We encourage you to SUBSCRIBE to our international newsletter. We believe you will not be disappointed.

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