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Mysterious Destructive Is Hitting America's Food Supply Chain

Are Food Recalls Being Redirected To The Globalists Underground Bunkers For TEOTWAWKI?

Ghislaine Maxwell Blows The Whistle On Working with Clintons

Convicted child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell has blown the whistle about her close ties to Bill and Hillary Clinton in a new court filing.

350K California Rainbow Trout To Be Euthanized

Nearly 350,000 rainbow trout must be euthanized as California…

New World Order Agenda 2030/Great Reset Whistleblower Rosa Koire Murdered

Rosa Koire explains AGENDA 21 and the GREAT RESET.

Juan O' Savin: Major Update - The Time is NOW

Things are speeding up and in this video, Juan joined Spaceshot and they share big updates and encouragement. We all must stand firm and stick together! 

Mysterious CIA Document Provides Astounding Information

The Central Intelligence Agency or the CIA is notoriously known for their classified documents and big time secrets.

Diesel Engine Oil OUTAGE ALERT! Entire Supply WIPED OUT Until 2023!

Were these oil additives EPA mandated, or Calf mandated and…

National Alert! 13 Days! Military Shutdowns! National Guard Coming!

The topics talked about in this report are: National Alert, Military Shutdowns, Supreme Court decisions & riots…

Attorney General of Michigan Dana Nessel Calls For “A Drag Queen For Every School”

Recently, lesbian Attorney General Dana Nessel called for a…

The (((Fed))) Used America's Credit to Built the USSR

In a colony such as the USA, traitors are…

John Cornyn Joins Democrats in Crushing Second Amendment Rights

The White House now wants Congress to pass a law paying the states to enact red flag laws. At least ten Republican senators are…

Energy Weaponry Attacks Upon Americans

Investigative Report Finds 5G Will Make Us ALL Into ‘Targeted Individuals’ For ‘Electronic Harassment’ On Steroids…

Rolling Blackouts To Leave Tens Of Millions Without Power

Lack of structural updating the power grid despite years of warnings by experts of the need, possible terror attacks…

The Agenda To Implement Global Totalitarianism Based On Technocratic And Transhumanist Ideologies

At the WEF meeting in Davos this year, they announced they want all….

WEF Says Smartphone Tech Will Be Incorporated Into Your Body

Speaking in Davos at the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting, Nokia CEO and

‘Disinformation’ Police to Silence ALL Non-Government Narratives

The federal government is launching a war on so-called disinformation that is cover for silencing critics while promoting…

IRS Quietly Buying Up Tons Of Ammo

A “bizarre” acquisition of approximately….

The “Gun Bill” Is Worse Than You Thought

In this episode, I address the disastrous gun bill, proposed late yesterday, and what it means for you. I also discuss Biden’s plan for a…

Mass CATTLE deaths send shockwaves through food supply... POISONED?

Thousands of cattle have”mysteriously” turned up dead in Kansas alone. It is being blamed on heat and humidity. BUT…

Mass Exodus! White House Vacating! Here’s What Is Happening!

The White House is currently being vacated. This of course is the “fake” White House because no one has occupied the “real” White House…


Most people do not know that Mike Pence was and still is working for the Cabal. He knew President Trump won the election and yet, he…


Lt. General Thomas McInerney and Dr. Lee Vliet join me to expose the deep state American TRAITORS and their plot along with…

PEDOGATE – The Deep State War – PART ONE

PEDOGATE – The Deep State War – PART TWO

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