Liz Cheney Hanged at GITMO

Standing atop the gallows with a braided rope around her neck, Liz Cheney devoted her final breaths to excoriate President Donald J. Trump—who was not present—and his “minions,” accusing them of collectively subverting the Constitution to enforce a “private brand of justice.” Her eyes, open to narrow slits, like knife cuts, surveyed the officers who stood below and before her, as if memorizing faces for a future fight against them.

As is typical at hangings, a uniformed soldier tugged on the rope stretching from Cheney’s neck to a beam several feet above them, testing for slack and tension. He nodded at Vice Admiral Crandall, signaling his readiness to push the button.

A ruddy-cheeked Cheney rambled on about how Trump and Adm. Crandall would eventually face their own tribunals with a predetermined verdict of guilty. She said an ineluctable fate awaited them and their co-conspirators. She held Trump and the admiral responsible for her father’s death and said her “people” would behead them.

Star Trek: Voyager Actor Tim Russ is Barack Obama Body Double

Tim Russ, the actor who played the Vulcan Tuvok in Star Trek: Voyager in the 1990s, has revived his acting career with a fresh gig: portraying disgraced former President Barack Hussein Obama on television and in public, sources at U.S. Army Cyber Command (ARCYBER) told Real Raw News.

For years, alternative news has claimed that Obama actual had faced justice and been  replaced by body doubles and doppelgangers, spitting images of the man who reportedly smells like sulfur and was dubbed “Lord of the flies” after insects inexplicably landed on his head during numerous press conferences.

White Hats, however, remain unconvinced that Obummer bought the farm, and say parables of his demise may be premature. As one high-ranking source at Guantanamo Bay told RRN, “If someone got him, it wasn’t us, and we’ve not seen substantiable proof he’s dead. We’ve never heard chatter—and his death would be pretty big deal.”

Beware of REVERSE ATMs that take your cash, demand your identity, then dispense a debit card you can use to shop – these are SPYING machines

The next step towards an eventual cashless society is “reverse ATMs,” which reports explain exchange cash for debit cards that customers can then use to shop.

Accelerated thanks to the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” which trained the public into believing that cash is “dirty” and might “infect” them, reverse ATMs are starting to appear at amusement parks, sports stadiums, casinos, and other heavy use facilities that would rather not deal with paper and coins anymore.

Some restaurants, including Slutty Vegan and Brooklyn Dumpling Shop, both located in New York City, are also installing reverse ATMs to avoid the “dirtiness” of cash.

Since legal tender still technically has to be accepted, reverse ATMs exist in a legal gray area. Some states and cities are banning local businesses from refusing to accept cash, and for now reverse ATMs are something of a loophole to those rules.

Soon people will have “a virtual card” on their smartphones, expert says

As it turns out, there are still millions of Americans who have chosen not have a bank account or any type of credit or debit card. Since they have a right to shop and participate in society without such things, reverse ATMs help fill the void for them, too.

“Cash digitalization,” as they are calling the scheme, aims to eventually replace all paper and coin cash with digital payment schemes.


REVERSE ATMs are the latest big banker SCAM to rip you off and spy on your spending behavior

Everything you need to know about BlackRock, the company that owns the world

The investment giant is pushing woke politics in the form of corporate social credit scores (ESG), which includes the dangerous “net zero” and LGBT agenda. BlackRock is also responsible for rigging the financial systems and has control over a significant portion of the world’s wealth.

 In order to fight back, we need to know what we are dealing with. In this article, we take a deep dive into the history, current business practices, and plans of the globalist behemoth known as BlackRock.

 The history of BlackRock and its founder

 As of early 2022, BlackRock Inc. had around $10 trillion in assets under its management, making it the largest asset manager in the world. Blackrock holds a significant number of shares in most of the largest corporations in the world, including Amazon, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Tesla, Coca-Cola, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson, Exxon Mobil, Visa, Chevron, JPMorgan Chase, Walmart, and many more.

 The company was founded 35 years ago, in 1988, by investment banker and current CEO Larry Fink as an affiliate organization of Blackstone Inc. It was originally named Blackstone Financial Management and grew rapidly within the first four years of its existence, reaching a portfolio of $17 billion by 1992, journalist James Corbett reported.

 Since BlackRock had grown into a very respectable business, Fink and Stephen Schwarzman, the CEO of Blackstone, decided to separate BlackRock from Blackstone and make it into its own venture.

 BlackRock went public in 1999 for $14 a share; the firm managed $165 billion in assets at this point. In the early 2000s, the company expanded its business to include analytics and risk management. It bought the investment management company State Street Research & Management in 2004, merged with the investment management firm Merrill Lynch in 2006, and acquired the Quellos Group’s key asset-management unit in 2007, bringing BlackRock’s total asset value under management to over $1 trillion.

 While the financial success of BlackRock may seem impressive up until this point, what really turned the firm into the global financial dominator it is today was the financial crisis of 2007 and 2008. Journalist Heike Buchter, who wrote a book on BlackRock, said in 2015, “Prior to the financial crisis I was not even familiar with the name. But in the years after the Lehman [Brothers] collapse [in 2008], BlackRock appeared everywhere. Everywhere!”

 Many banks, including Lehman Brothers, as well as the U.S. government and the Federal Reserve turned to Fink and BlackRock for help to sort out the complicated financial instruments that had led to the crisis and to assist with the 2008 bailouts.

 Fink was trusted by these institutions as an expert on the financial instruments that led to the sub-prime mortgage crisis because he helped to create the toxic mortgage industry. In the 1980s, when Fink was still working for the investment bank First Boston, he constructed “his first Collateralized Mortgage Obligation (CMO) and almost single-handedly” created “the sub-prime mortgage market that would fail so spectacularly in 2008,” Corbett wrote.

“When the dust finally settled on Wall Street after the Lehman Brothers collapse, there was little doubt who was sitting on top of the dust pile: BlackRock,” Corbett said.

 Under Fink’s leadership, BlackRock used its financial power and influence to move into national and international politics. Author and economic journalist F. William Endgahl put it this way…

Internal Revenue Service Hiring ‘Armed Agents’ for All 50 States

“Must be willing to use force up to and including the use of deadly force.” Sick. The Democrats are at war against their own citizens.

IRS plans to hire gun-carrying special agents in all 50 states.  Special agents with the IRS’ Criminal Investigation division are the only IRS agents permitted by law to carry firearms as part of their duties

Americans for Tax Reform President Grover Norquist reacts to revelations in the Hunter Biden investigation and President Biden’s tax-and-spending spree.

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is looking to hire special agents who carry guns and make arrests with jobs available in all 50 states, according to a posting on the agency’s website.

The law enforcement branch of the IRS, known as the Criminal Investigation (CI) division, is hiring for the role at locations throughout the U.S. IRS special agents within the CI division are the only IRS employees who are authorized by law to carry and use firearms. IRS-CI investigates financial crimes, money laundering, tax-related identity theft and terrorist financing efforts.

Under the posting’s “major duties” section, the IRS says that special agents “[c]arry a firearm; must be prepared to protect him/herself or others from physical attacks at any time and without warning and use firearms in life-threatening situations; must be willing to use force up to and including the use of deadly force.”


IRS Posts Job Openings for Armed Agents in Every State

4th U.S. Bank Collapses as Bank Runs Continue

The 4th U.S. Bank has collapsed in less than 2 months, as it was announced late Friday that First Republic, an FDIC bank, was being purchased by JPMorgan and PNC after a government seizure.

The bank is headquartered in San Francisco, and is part of the Silicon Valley crowd with rich clients who have money deposited way above the FDIC insurance limits.

So the bailout of wealthy Big Tech investors continues.

JPMorgan, PNC To Buy First Republic After FDIC Seizure First Leaves Taxpayers Holding The Toxic Stuff

Update (2210ET):  As the weekend begins, the WSJ reports late on Friday that big banks including JPMorgan and PNC are set to buy First Republic Bank but not in a private, market-arranged deal but rather in a transaction that would follow a government seizure of the troubled lender. A seizure and sale of First Republic, which would wipe out the equity of FRC and potentially impose losses on creditors, could come as soon as this weekend, the WSJ sources said.

And so JPM, which is already the largest US bank is about to get even bigger, by scooping up all the good FRC assets while leaving US taxpayer holdings on to the toxic ones.

That said, it wasn’t immediately clear whether the $30 billion in deposits funneled by JPM and other banks into FRC will be treated as insured funds (why should they should be insured?), nor was it clear how a wipeout of this capital, which would spark a systemic crisis simply because the Fed is now running policy of “monetary tightening through bank collapse”, having failed to contain inflation and tighten policy using conventional means.


FOURTH bank collapses in USA while Russia unleashes devastating new attack on Ukraine

BREAKING: Another Bank Collapses, “2nd Largest Bank Failure” in U.S. History


World Economic Forum Calls For Merging Of Human And AI Intel To Censor ‘Hate Speech’ & ‘Misinformation’

A report published to the official WEF website ominously warns about the peril of “the dark world of online harms.”

But the globalist body, run by comic book Bond villain Klaus Schwab, has a solution.

They want to merge the ‘best’ aspects of human censorship and AI machine learning algorithms to ensure that people’s feelings don’t get hurt and counter-regime opinions are blacklisted.

“By uniquely combining the power of innovative technology, off-platform intelligence collection and the prowess of subject-matter experts who understand how threat actors operate, scaled detection of online abuse can reach near-perfect precision,” states the article.

After engaging in a whole host of mumbo jumbo, the article concludes by proposing “a new framework: rather than relying on AI to detect at scale and humans to review edge cases, an intelligence-based approach is crucial.”

“By bringing human-curated, multi-language, off-platform intelligence into learning sets, AI will then be able to detect nuanced, novel abuses at scale, before they reach mainstream platforms. Supplementing this smarter automated detection with human expertise to review edge cases and identify false positives and negatives and then feeding those findings back into training sets will allow us to create AI with human intelligence baked in,” the article rambles.

300 People who Rule the World by Wealth & Stealth

This is a video recording of a presentation made by John Coleman, author of The Conspirators’ Hierarchy; The Committee of 300, first published in 1992. The recording was made in 1994 and was posted to YouTube sometime after 2005. It was largely ignored, however, until it was mentioned on Twitter on March 20, 2023, by Robin Walker, which is how it came to our attention. Time has added incredible value to this presentation because what Coleman said about the world being secretly controlled by a few extremely wealthy and politically powerful families would have sounded like lunacy to the average person at the time these remarks were made. However, recent events in the areas of population culling and dismantling of America’s productivity and sovereignty allow us to recognize that Coleman was right. Video quality is marginal, but the audio is clear, and you quickly will be drawn into the content. Coleman’s explanation of the many components of this network provides an excellent overview of how today’s world really works.

The United Nations Luciferian Connection

Many applaud the United Nations for its public policy and efforts of humanitarian society. Even President Trump resorts to complying with U.N. policies as is the norm and expected diplomatic practices.

However, the U.N. is a front for Luciferian agendas. Proven by its underlining Luciferian themes and esoteric teaching dedicated to its members WITHIN the halls of the U.N. even an occult meditation room is hosted at the U.N.

People do not realize the influence Theosophists have on the United Nations. Theosophy, founded in the late 1800s by a Satanist Luciferian occultist named Helena Blavatsky, influenced modern Theosophy. A group spawned from it under Alice Bailey called “Lucis Trust.” Lucis Trust, originally founded under the name “Lucifer Publishing” before changing its name, publishes esoteric occult works and promotes its 24 esoteric writings under its main education centers, the Arcane Schools and Findhorn Foundation.

Many prominent U.N. directors were Luciferians, such as Robert Muller and Maurice Strong, who initiated Agenda 21. They were practitioners of Theosophy, occult Luciferians, and drafted policies to initiate New Age through U.N. policies and directions, as the United Nations was developed to do. If you haven’t, see the page I have on the UN 2020 summit explaining more detail to prove this.

David Spangler, Director of Planetary Initiative at the United Nations (department has since been removed from rosters), has said, “Lucifer comes to give us the final Luciferic initiation…that many people now and in the days ahead, will be facing – for it is an initiation into the New Age… No one will enter the New World Order unless he or she will make a pledge to worship Lucifer. No one will enter the New Age unless he will take a Luciferian initiation.” Benjamin Crème, another prominent New Age “prophet,” on page 128 of “Matrieya’s Mission,” insists that those who refuse to join in this World Initiation will find themselves in the minority and will have to “withdraw from this life.” Creme exhorts his followers to, “Be not afraid, therefore, when the ‘men of cloth’ raise their voices against the Great Lord, naming Him anti-Christ and arch-deceiver, for they know little of the laws which underlie their faiths and act and speak from ignorance and fear.”


The United Nations is a Luciferian Cult Controlled By the Knights of Malta, Jesuits, Rothschilds, and Rockefellers

CIA Director and Noam Chomsky Named in Epstein’s Private Calendar

Jeffrey Epstein’s calendar is revealing secrets years after the billionaire’s death in a New York prison. The meetings took place after Epstein’s sex crime conviction and many of them met him at his Manhattan townhouse. William Burns, who was appointed as the Director of the CIA by Biden in 2021, appeared in Epstein’s calendar in 2014 when he was serving as the deputy secretary of state under Obama. Rolling Stone wrote, “Rumors and accusations have long swirled around Epstein that he was some kind of intelligence asset.” He had been accused of blackmailing politicians for the Israeli Mossad. Kathryn Ruemmler, who served as a White House counsel to President Obama, had “dozens” of meetings with Epstein between leaving the federal government and joining Goldman Sachs. She introduced him to banker Ariane de Rothschild who also met with him many times. The documents uncovered by the WSJ showed that Epstein also had meetings arranged with former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, Bard College President Leon Botstein, author Noam Chomsky, movie director Woody Allen and Joshua Cooper Ramo, then co-CEO of Henry Kissinger’s consulting firm.


CIA Director William Burns Met with Jeffrey Epstein According to Epstein’s Private Calendar

BREAKING: Notable & Cultural Elite Who Met With Epstein EXPOSED In Latest Report

Epstein’s Private Calendar Reveals Prominent Names, Including CIA Chief, Goldman’s Top Lawyer

The “Godfather of AI” Says Doomsayers Are Wrong and ChatGPT Isn’t Remarkable – Mainly an Advanced Disinformation Tool

The hype over AI Chat searches as well as the “AI is going to take over the world and replace humans” is continuing unabated, and investments into AI are now the only thing left propping up the U.S. economy.

I suppose this is the result of having a generation of adults who have now grown up in the “computer age” starting in the early 1980s who are now running the economy with their beliefs in AI and technology.

Old school technologists like myself, who watched all of this technology develop, and know better, are having little to no effect in trying to dispel these false beliefs. I have earned my living and built my career on this technology for over 25 years now, but that doesn’t seem to matter with this generation.

If you want to avoid the catastrophe that is coming as a result of over-investing in this new tech fad, start by reading this historical article on the failures and losses of investing in AI for the past 75 years:

The 75-Year History of Failures with “Artificial Intelligence” and $BILLIONS Lost Investing in Science Fiction for the Real World

My views on the hype over this “new” AI fad are not unique at all, as many others also share them, but it is much more interesting to state that AI is going to take over the world and replace humans, and that is the view that gets clicks and traffic today, which can obviously be monetized as well.

GITMO Suspends Tribunals Amid Security Concerns; Massive Mobilization Sends Detainees to Guam

Deep State Clones Expire After Three Years, Cloning Scientist Tells Military

President Trump’s Legal Team Gets Bad News

The Sequel: Brand New Brunson Brothers Case Docketed At SCOTUS!

New Supreme Court Ruling Set To Give Republicans FOUR MORE Seats In The U.S. House of Representatives

Shocking Chinese video shows how to INVADE the United States through UN-funded migrant camps

BREAKING: Russia Launches Hypersonic Missiles At Ukraine In “Largest Attack Yet”

Russia Helps NATO Member Turkey Reach Nuclear Status


Elon Musk and Others Urge AI Pause, Citing ‘Risks to Society’

Google Co-founder Wants to Build AI as a “Digital God”





$21 Trillion Is Missing From The US Government – That’s $65,000 Per Person! Almost As Much As The National Debt!

Is Digital Identity Coming?

David DuByne warns of global crop failures caused by volcanic sulfur dioxide injected into atmosphere

Senator Hawley Demands Probe Into 85,000 ‘Lost’ Migrant Children

Oregon Democrats Want to Give Homeless the Right to Sue If Forced to Move Their Encampments

New Report Confirms Jeffrey Epstein Was A Spy?

FBI Conducting ‘Nuclear Incident Training’ in Texas

Ron DeSantis Flies To Israel….To Kill Free Speech?


The Sizzle: Do You Really Know What is Going On South of the Border?

‘I’m rooting for Texas!’ Former Russian President Medvedev cheers on potential secession of U.S. states

Army aviators, ready to leave the military, are told they owe 3 more years instead


Now They’re Trying Censor Your Text Messages

Mayor Demands School Board Remove ‘Pornographic’ Material From School Libraries

BREAKING: Train Derailment in Wisconsin Reportedly Sends Cars Into Mississippi River

Disney Gets Offer to Leave Florida

Obama Ordered To Pay $313 Million For “Creation Of ISIS”

Fox Is Lying! Tucker Was Fired and Here Are the 4 Reasons Why


Tucker Carlson Gets Offer to Join Network, “The Two of Us Will Tear It Up”…”Would Kill Fox”

Is BlackRock Behind Tucker Carlson Getting the Boot From Fox News?

JUST IN: Leaked Court Documents Reveal Reason Carlson Was Ousted From Fox News?

Ratings Are In! Tucker Carlson vs. All Cable News Shows

So, You Think You Know Tucker Carlson


Tucker Not Actually Fired?

Tucker Carlson Hasn’t Actually Been Fired, Does Following The Money Explain What’s Going On?

Did Fox News Keep Secret ‘Oppo File’ On Tucker Carlson?


When your career is ENDED just before you go on LIVE TV!!!

HUGE! Globalists WARN Of Collapse! – Shadow Government Is Preparing For MASSIVE CRASH!

A Torrent Of Layoffs! Here Are 16 Large Companies That Have Just Announced Mass Terminations

Recent BRICS Applications Spell More Bad News For U.S. Dollar

The China-Russia Threat To The Dollar Is Real and Could Decimate Americans’ Finances

PBD: Who Owns The Federal Reserve?

REPORT: Woke ESPN Preparing For Massive Layoffs


David DuByne: US gov’t accelerated collapse of financial institutions to introduce CBDCs

Yuan Surpasses U.S. Dollar to Become the Most-used Currency in China’s Cross-border Transactions

“Bed, Bath & Bankrupt” — As Retailer Files For Bankruptcy, Conservatives Remember What They Did To MyPillow — “Our Money Is Our Voice”


JPMorgan: “ChatGPT has Driven Half the Gains in the Stock Market this Year” – Mega Financial Bubble About to Explode

Another One Down? First Republic Bank FAILS, FDIC Sells It to JP Morgan

As California police fight rampant prostitution, johns line up like they’re at a ‘fast-food drive-through’

HHS Whistleblower Claims US Government Is ‘Middleman’ In Child Trafficking Operation

Minnesota Just Gave State Power To Take Kids Away If Parents Don’t Approve Gender Mutilation Surgery

Transpocalypse Now – Are They Trying To Tell Us?

SICK: 27 Democrats Vote Against Bill Making Indecent Exposure To Children A Felony

The Fingerling Lakes – Human Trafficking Hunter Biden, Clinton, & US Cave Systems

Pussycat Doll Abusive Industry, The Watcher: Celebs Take Adrenochrome



Former LGBTQers Testify: If You No Longer Want to Be Gay or Transgender, You Don’t Have to Be

DeSantis Signs New ‘Law-And-Order’ Bills That Allows the Death Penalty for Pedophiles

Montana becomes latest state to ban transgender drugs, surgeries for children

President Trump Issues Threat To The RNC

2016 Trump Has RETURNED, Bringing Back the Original Crew

RFK Jr. Says The Democrats Are “Rigging” The System

RFK Jr., Marianne Williamson slam Democrats for declaring NO DEBATES during primaries (which explains all the censorship)


Here is How The Government Rigged The Election and Shielded Joe Biden From The ‘Laptop From Hell’

Ron DeSantis to Enter Presidential Race in Mid-May?

Ron DeSantis Set to Sign New Bill into Law that Will Allow Him to Run For President in 2024 While Remaining Governor

As Mockingbird Media Claims No Election Fraud, Michigan Democrat Sentenced For Sabotaging 2020 Election Ballot Box

Dark Money “Elections Summit” – The Plot to Steal 2024!

State Supreme Court Reinstates Voter ID Law

“Will we have a 2024 election?! How do you ‘safeguard’ US ELECTIONs post-POTUS?”

Michigan Dem Sentenced to House Arrest for Sabotaging Ballot Box in 2020 Election

Joe Biden announces 2024 re-election bid