Military Convicts Rochelle Walensky of Treason

On Monday, May 24, military police escorted a gagged and handcuffed Walensky into the courtroom where Adm. Crandall and a 3-officer panel awaited her arrival. She was restrained because she, during her captivity, had clawed, spat at, and bitten Camp Blaz staff, despite having been warned to curb her lewd behavior. Only after MPs shackled her ankles to the floor and wrists to a steel bar affixed to the defense table did Adm. Crandall ask them to remove Walensky’s gag. And no sooner had they ungagged her than she began hurling invectives at the admiral, his staff, and the panel who would decide her fate.


Rochelle Walensky Hanged

Prisoner Rochelle Walensky was hanged to death at Camp Blaz Wednesday morning before a cadre of military brass and a House Representative who had flown in just to watch the fiend’s neck snap, a JAG source told Real Raw News. We were not given a name, but I guess he could have been Jim Jordan, whom White Hats regard as a true patriot and a constitutional adherent.