Shabbat Sabbath

June 3, 2023

Sun God: Is Sunday Church Pagan?

The resurgence of obedience to Torah among Christians has resulted in a lot of fresh and unique, though not necessarily new, teachings to Believers who have never heard them before. Among the most popular are teachings about the mo’edim: The Holy Days of our God. The word mo’edim simply means “a set apart time” and generally it is used to refer to the Holy Feasts that occur in the Spring and Fall of the year, though many include two of the minor Hebrew Feasts as well—Purim and Hannukah—because there is a valid argument that Yeshua our Messiah celebrated both of them.

          Another set apart time, however, that should not be forgotten is Shabbat—The Sabbath Day. This is the time period on the seventh day of the week according to the Hebrew Calendar that is consecrated by God for man. It is a day of rest from our labor. It was given at the culmination of Creation when God Himself rested or ceased from His work of creating all life on the Earth.


CHAPTER 8: Thy Kingdom Come

We showed earlier that the Babylonian succession of empires was each given the Debt Note in turn to see who, if any, would bring forth the fruits of the Kingdom. As we showed, they all failed. Ultimately, the “fruit” God requires is the birthing of the Manchild, which is the perfect man in the Image of God.

Jesus was the original Manchild, the Pattern Son for the rest of the Sons of God. There is only one way to bring forth the Sons of God. It is through the three main steps that are set forth in the three main feast days of Israel: Passover, Pentecost, and Tabernacles.

CHAPTER 1: What is the Church?

It is generally noted in Christendom that the Church began on the day of Pentecost, as recorded in the second chapter of Acts, and that it was established by the coming of the Holy Spirit.

However, that explanation is too simplistic to give us any serious understanding of Scripture or the divine plan in history. Acts 7:38 speaks plainly of “the Church in the wilderness” (under Moses). In fact, Jesus Himself speaks of the Church in Matt. 18:17 as if it already existed.

The simple fact is that the word translated “Church” is from the…

The Epistles of Paul - Romans Part 15: Jacob, Esau and the Nations, continued

Comparing the Israelites of Judaea with the Edomites of Judaea from the beginning of Romans chapter 9, towards the later part of that chapter Paul went on to explain that the calling of Yahweh in Christ is for the both Israelites of Judaea and the Israelites of the ancient dispersions, those who were taken into the Assyrian and Babylonian captivities and who never returned to Palestine. Paul quoted pertinent passages from Hosea and Isaiah in order to illustrate his assertions. The Old Testament prophet Isaiah tells us that these people would be found in Europe, and that is where the apostles went after them.

The Patrick You Didn't Know

Saint Patrick’s Day is a well recognized holiday in the Western world. Celebrated in mid-March with no other Christian holidays around it, Saint Patrick’s Day has taken on a very festive atmosphere. While many picture wearing green, three-leaf clovers, leprechauns, green beer and corned beef, do any of those things really have anything to do with Patrick himself?

Do you know who Patrick was—and more importantly what he taught?

Let’s start with what most people think they know. We have been told that Patrick was a Catholic monk who brought the Trinity doctrine to the people of Ireland. And along the way he drove all the snakes from the Emerald Isle. He became so renowned that the Catholic Church made him a “saint.”

The Fall of Man

Theologians often discuss the condition of man in the Garden of Eden before the fall. God is all-knowing, so why did He place the tree of knowledge of good and evil in the garden if He foreknew that man would eat of it? It would seem that God had a purpose for this primitive condition.[i]

All creation was made for man, a garden of exploration that would captivate our imagination, a world that would continually move us to stand in awe of our creator. And so, God made us the caretakers of His creation, to have dominion over His earthly kingdom with the same delicacy and reverence as our creator. “This, in fact, is the whole purpose of man, and the purpose for which he, and all the worlds, both upper and lower, were created…

The Importance of The Old Testament

In this new podcast season, Pastor Eric teams up with his sister, Gabriella, to discuss and answer questions on Biblical topics that will help us understand our Christian heritage and connection to Israel. Pastor Eric will discuss the importance of the Old Testament to Christians, its benefits in discipleship, the background it reveals of God’s unfolding story with Israel and the nations, and the foundation it provides to the New Testament and the future Kingdom of God.

Paths of Old – Ancient Paths

Jeremiah 6:16; 18:15; Acts 15:21

“Thus said יהוה (Yahweh), “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and find rest for yourselves….” (Jeremiah 6:16)

“But My people have forgotten Me, they have burned incense to what is false, and they have stumbled from their ways, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths and not on a highway.” (Jeremiah 18:15)

Regular public reading of the Torah was introduced by Ezra the Scribe after the return of the Jewish people from their Babylonian captivity (c. 537 BCE), as described in the Book of Nehemiah 8. In the modern era, adherents of Orthodox Judaism practice Torah reading according to a set procedure they believe has remained unchanged in the two thousand years since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (70 CE).

“For from ancient generations Mosheh has, in every city, those proclaiming him – being read in the congregations every Sabbath.” (Acts 15:21)

Bible readings for June 3, 2023. In the 6th solar month of the Hebrew 3rd month of Sivan (May/June).

Make an accounting

If you are interested in downloading the annual Torah reading schedule with projected new moon sightings, Feast Days, click HERE.

Three Year Bible Reading Schedule

Genesis to Revelation

Exodus 10:1-29 | 2 Samuel 1:1—2:32 | Psalm 63:1—64:10 | Isaiah 66:1-24 | Luke 7:1—8:18

If you are interested in downloading the complete 3 year Bible reading schedule, click HERE. You can break up your Bible reading into 5 days of your choosing or combine the above readings of your choice.

PART 22: LIES OF MEN AND GODS—Syncretism Dressed as Pluralism: A Cult Gateway

A syncretistic agenda is boiling up behind the scenes like a witch’s brew—only this time, the witch isn’t a green-skinned, wart-covered, cackling old lady from an animated Disney cartoon. It’s that old liar, that Satan, the Red Dragon of Revelation who was alive and well the day he first inspired the Fall of Man in the Garden of Eden. The Accuser who will still be alive and well the day his puppet, Antichrist, introduces the Mark that renders those who take it permanently irredeemable. The Deceiver who lives to confuse pluralism as a cultural ideology and identity, with syncretism that is unconditionally and eternally spiritual infidelity.

PART 23: LIES OF MEN AND GODS—The Bride of Spot and Wrinkle Blushes for Her Leader

Of all the classifications of cults that academics have compiled, by far the most dangerous and concerning is referred to as simply a “destructive cult.” This is the category into which Antichrist fits, based on the actions Revelation prophecies say he will take in the End Times. There are also three main recognizable characteristics of what history has shown to be a typical cult: 1) a leader, 2) indoctrination, and 3) exploitation.[i] We’ve already shown how Western society, in general, is being trained to accept all sorts of evils, and this …

PART 24: LIES OF MEN AND GODS—Preparing Our Land—and Churches—for Satan’s...

This series isn’t solely focused on the subject of occult influences in the public sphere; therefore, to give attention to all trends from every country in the West would be beyond our scope. It would take multiple encyclopedic volumes to discuss how symbols of the occult are edging their way into all societies throughout France, for example, and though that land may be a part of the “Western problem” of the Body of Christ, it is easier to show our widest, English-speaking audience some examples they can see closer to home. In America—a nation birthed in Christian values and goals (at least by the arriving Puritans, if not by the forefathers, whose religion was often anything but Christian, despite popular beliefs to the contrary)—demonic imagery on public grounds should be an outrage, a scandal…a crime. Nevertheless, we have reached the day when blatant occultism isn’t at all uncommon.

False Beliefs And Teachings Are Creeping In Everywhere

In our society today, false beliefs and teachings are often accepted without ever being tested. People believe that social media memes and TV talking heads are the source of truth. They latch on to rumors, myths and hearsay like it’s the final word.

Sadly, heresy (non-biblical or anti-biblical teaching) is even creeping up in our churches.

While we’re seeing this a lot in our modern world, it is not a new phenomenon. Even in the first century, false teachers were making their way into churches, and people were buying the lies they were selling.

Nearing the end of his life (likely in prison and soon to be executed by the Romans), the Apostle Peter had become very concerned about the heresy that was creeping into the churches in Asia Minor. False teaching had actively led followers of Christ away and was causing dissension.

The Land Before Time—Early Earth, Giants, and Megalithic City Builders (PART ONE)

In 1912, German meteorologist Alfred Wegener[i] advanced the “continental drift” theory, a concept based on the proposition that the land masses on earth were at one time held together in one supercontinent called Pangea, from the Greek word pangaia, which means “all the earth.” According to Wegener, approximately 299 to 272 million years ago, ALL of terra firma was a solid mass, surrounded by one uninterrupted ocean called Panthalassa.

Wegener postulated that the supercontinent began to break apart during the early Jurassic Period, some two hundred million years ago. Over time, the shifting hunks of land masses formed the continents and the oceans that we know today. Modern geology identifies this shifting of the earth’s crust, or lithosphere, as plate tectonics, the theory that explains how the continents of the earth continually grind against each other in subduction zones or fault lines.

If you cut out the continents from a map, each of the pieces seem to pull together into one large land mass. The results are astonishing. With some exceptions, due to erosion and damage, the individual pieces fit together in a single puzzle—Pangea.

Baseball Team Invites LGBT Group that Mocks Christianity to Appear at Pride Night

The Los Angeles Dodgers MLB team invited a pro-LGBT group of drag queens, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, to perform at their 10th annual Pride Night celebration. In the past, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, who ridicule Catholicism and women, have staged religiously offensive stunts, including mock crucifixions of Jesus Christ and using the cross as a stripper pole. LA Dodgers pitcher Blake Treinin has condemned the invitation in a written letter, risking his career. He stated that the group promotes hate of Christians and people of faith. He wrote, “People like baseball for its entertainment value and competition. The fans do not want propaganda or politics forced on them. The debacle with Bud Light and Target should be a warning to companies and professional sports to stay true to their brand and leave the propaganda and politics off the field.”

LA Dodgers pitcher Blake Treinin issued a statement Tuesday slamming his team’s decision to honor a blasphemous pro-LGBT group at an upcoming Pride event, pointing out the group routinely mocks Christianity.

Revealed: How Israel Turned Nazi War Criminals Into Mossad Agents

Newly declassified files shed light on Israel’s decision to overcome its sense of unease and enlist the help of Nazi murderers in its espionage agency throughout the course of the Cold War.

One day, two and a half years ago, the Jerusalem-based historian Danny Orbach received a surprising phone call from his wife. She told him that a “huge, fat envelope” was sticking precariously out of their mailbox, and that it bore the logo of the Prime Minister’s Office.

When Orbach got home, he was astounded to discover that the Mossad had sent him internal documents that – until then – had been classified, and so were inaccessible to both scholars and the general public. The items were related to a historical phenomenon he was investigating: Nazi war criminals who were employed as mercenaries all over the world during the Cold War. Some of them worked for West Germany, others for the Soviet Union and the United States; some assisted Arab countries and some even collaborated with the Jewish state.

Israel must stop a bad Iran deal, whatever the cost

Normalization of relations with Saudi Arabia should not come at the expense of Israel’s top priority.

Israeli Strategic Affairs Minister Ron Dermer, National Security Adviser Tzachi Hanegbi and his senior deputy Gil Reich are all in Washington for meetings with senior White House and state officials, ahead of critical decisions regarding Iran and Saudi Arabia. 

Israel must not be confused about its priorities. It is very important to make sure Washington understands that preventing a bad Iran deal is a higher priority than reaching a normalization agreement with Saudi Arabia.

Otherwise, the potential for damage is very severe.

The United States and the clerical regime in Iran have recently held more talks, which included mediators from Oman, Kuwait and others. These were aimed at reaching a so-called “less for less” nuclear deal—actually a “much less for much more” agreement.