Shabbat Sabbath

June 17, 2023

Worshiping In Spirit And Truth

This is a popular verse among modern Christians, but I often wonder if people truly know the depth of what our Messiah was saying when He uttered these words—now over 2,000 years ago. I want to take some time to look into the two words “spirit” and “truth” from this statement and explore how important they are to the foundation of true worship.

Before I get to that, let me share with you something that I find quite troubling. One time I attended a church service and took a seat near the front of their general assembly “sanctuary”. I noticed that they set some papers along the front row of pews. Curiosity getting the best of me, I took a look at what these slips of paper said on them. They were a series of “instructions” for those who would be so “privileged” to sit on the front pew of their “esteemed church”.


CHAPTER 3: Meet the Cast of Characters

The Gospel was soon preached in Egypt under the ministry of Mark, at least until Peter had need of him in his first trip to Rome, after fleeing Jerusalem in 44 A.D. (Acts 12:17).

Eusebius tells us that at some point, Peter went to Rome to preach and to confront Simon Magus for the second time (since the earlier confrontation in Samaria—Acts 8:20). He took Mark with him, though Mark was probably one of the 3,000 believers converted at Pentecost. He had never actually met Jesus personally, Eusebius says in Eccl. Hist., III, xxxix. Peter personally discipled Mark for the rest of his life.

The Epistles of Paul - Romans Part 17: The Living Sacrifice

In the last segment of our presentation of Paul’s epistle to the Romans, we discussed Romans chapter 11 and the broken and grafted branches of Paul’s famous analogy depicting wild and cultivated olive trees. We asserted that the Romans, being wild olives, must have therefore been Israelites who, as a society, grew up and developed without the law and the prophets. Yet there are many who would assert that simply anyone who believes in Jesus is somehow grafted onto the olive tree. There is nothing more important to proper Biblical interpretation than context. Yet again, there is nothing more divisive when properly interpreting Scripture than context. Christ came not to bring peace, but a sword, and Paul said in Hebrews chapter 4 “12 For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the…

Paths of Old – Ancient Paths

Jeremiah 6:16; 18:15; Acts 15:21

“Thus said יהוה (Yahweh), “Stand in the ways and see, and ask for the old paths, where the good way is, and walk in it; and find rest for yourselves….” (Jeremiah 6:16)

“But My people have forgotten Me, they have burned incense to what is false, and they have stumbled from their ways, from the ancient paths, to walk in bypaths and not on a highway.” (Jeremiah 18:15)

Regular public reading of the Torah was introduced by Ezra the Scribe after the return of the Jewish people from their Babylonian captivity (c. 537 BCE), as described in the Book of Nehemiah 8. In the modern era, adherents of Orthodox Judaism practice Torah reading according to a set procedure they believe has remained unchanged in the two thousand years since the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem (70 CE).

“For from ancient generations Mosheh has, in every city, those proclaiming him – being read in the congregations every Sabbath.” (Acts 15:21)

Bible readings for June 17, 2023. In the 6th solar month of the Hebrew 3rd month of Sivan (May/June).

Shelach L’cha
Send thou

If you are interested in downloading the annual Torah reading schedule with projected new moon sightings, Feast Days, click HERE.

Three Year Bible Reading Schedule

Genesis to Revelation

Exodus 12:35-51 | 2 Samuel 5:1—6:23 | Psalm 66:1—67:7 | Jeremiah 2:1—3:5 | Luke 9:1-62

If you are interested in downloading the complete 3 year Bible reading schedule, click HERE. You can break up your Bible reading into 5 days of your choosing or combine the above readings of your choice.

Potential New Moon Sighting

This month (June), we have two Conjunctions (Dark Moons). The first one  falls on June 17th and the second one falls on June 18th.

At sunset on Monday, June 19, 2023 the Percent of Full illumination is calculated to be at 1% (visible). So, barring any cloud cover, rain, etc., the New Moon should be sighted.

The last New Moon was sighted in Israel was on May 20, 2023. Counting forward 29 days, we come to June 18, 2023 and this is the second Dark Moon. On June 19th we have the first cresent New Moon which has a percent of fullness of 1% and this is the 30th day. By default, this is the New Month. A Hebrew month cannot be no less than 29 days and no more than 30 days long. Thus, the first visible New Moon will fall on the 30th day which will be June 19, 2023.

PART 5: The Land Before Time—The Power Behind Supernatural Abilities

The first chapter of Job reveals many significant points about the abilities of Satan. First, in verse 6, Satan appears before God presumably at will. In verse 10, he asks about God’s providence and protection of Job, asking, “Hast thou not made an hedge about him?” God’s reply to this question is in verse 12, “Behold, all that he hath is in thy power; only upon himself put not forth thine hand.”

The Land Before Time—PART 6: Burrow’s Cave

One even more controversial claim of discovery is that of Burrow’s Cave (which was actually a series of tunnels with burial chambers and treasure vaults), found in Illinois in 1982. In it were said to have been ancient tablets etched with the hieroglyphs for prominent Egyptian bloodlines dating back as far as Imhotep in 2650 B.C. There were symbols and etchings of Zaphnath himself, along with others that detailed a story of overcrowding in Egypt and migration to a new world that would become the “second land of Egypt.”

The Land Before Time—PART 7: Pre-Adamic Angels, The Great Pyramid, And Unparalleled...

So stunning and accurate are the physical measures of the Great Pyramid that in his book Fingers of the Gods, Graham Hancock remarked,

Such accurate building techniques, as accurate as the best we have today, could have evolved only after thousands of years of development and experimentation. Yet there was no evidence that any process of this kind had ever taken place in Egypt. The Great Pyramid and its neighbors [sic] at Giza had emerged out of a black hole in architectural history so deep and so wide that neither its bottom nor its far side had ever been identified.

Artificial Intelligence Beast-Tech Takes Aim At The Bible

In recent days, several reports have emerged of artificial intelligence (AI) being used to change the Bible. An unlikely organization for doing that is People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). It is reported that PETA recently used the  ChatGPTchatbot to change the book of Genesis and make it “vegan-friendly.” The report quotes PETA President Ingrid Newkirk as saying: “The Bible has long been used to justify all forms of oppression, so we’ve used ChatGPT to make it clear that a loving God would never endorse exploitation of or cruelty to animals.”

PART 28: LIES OF MEN AND GODS—When the Syncretized Saints Go Marching In?

Sadly, we could go on and on, giving more true “occult inside the Christian Church” news stories that have swept the Christian West of late, because the list just grows and grows. Within just the last couple of years, Steven Bancarz, Josh Peck, Dr. Thomas Horn, and countless other well-known and celebrated Christian authors just from within our own circle have released several titles raising awareness in this area.

PART 29: LIES OF MEN AND GODS—The Jericho Project, A “New Testament” Homecoming

Have you readers ever heard of the ichthys? Maybe not, but you’ve no doubt seen it.

This Greek word for a symbol that looks like a simple drawing of a fish frequently appears on Christian merchandise such as jewelry and bumper stickers. But its background is deeper than most of us realize. Its name is an acronym for “Iesous Christos Theou Yios Soter (‘Jesus Christ, God’s Son, [is] Savior’).” As the Lexham Geographic Commentary on the Gospels explains…

ZEITGEIST 2025 IS COMING… And Revived Rome Is Set To Roll Out A Forerunner To The...

The European Union says its “digital identity wallet” will go into use next year. It’s no accident that this forerunner to the mark of the beast will begin in Europe, the Antichrist’s home turf. In an article sponsored by the global digital security firm Entrust, Wired Magazine called the digital identity wallet, “The most ambitious rollout yet of a comprehensive digital ID system, combining security, compliance, and privacy safeguards for the EU’s 447 million citizens.”

Beneath The Banner Of The Woke: What The Pulpit Prioritizes, The People Will...

As a Christian who still loves to sing the old hymns, one of my favorites is “The Banner of the Cross”. It is one of those soul-stirring songs that reminds us that our time on this earth is not characterized by peace, it is characterized by war – a spiritual war. The author, Daniel Whittle, served in the American Civil War, obtaining the rank of Major. Even after leaving the army, he was known as Major Whittle for the remainder of his life.

Shiny People: What The Duggar Documentary Tells Us About Post-Christian America

As the culture wars intensify and the West moves from post-Christian to anti-Christian (Aaron Renn refers to this as “negative world”), orthodox Christians find themselves increasingly under scrutiny by secular forces seeking to demonize and discredit them. 

The storytellers of the mainstream media and the entertainment world are eager to expose Christians as hypocrites, bigots, and dangerous to democracy. Christian leaders have warned for decades that the day is coming when Christians could face persecution for their beliefs and social scorn for defending biblical truth.

A New 'AI Religion' And A New 'AI Bible'?

Will millions of people soon be looking to artificial intelligence for spiritual guidance?  Such a notion may sound crazy to you, but we should not underestimate how rapidly AI is changing our world.  

Earlier today, my wife showed me some of the things that ChatGPT is capable of doing.  In just a matter of moments, it can produce extremely sophisticated answers to very complex questions.  

Honestly, I was extremely impressed.  Other AI programs are capable of producing very realistic photos, artwork and videos.

The Return of Paganism

When a 28-year-old person identifying as transgender shot up a Tennessee school in March, killing three children and three adults, the usual grim afterlife of tragedy was underlined by an odd note: One by one, media outlets rushed to apologize for “misgendering” the shooter, who, they explained, had been born female but had recently begun identifying as male.

WEF Calls for AI to Rewrite Bible, Create ‘Religions That Are Actually Correct’

A top official with the World Economic Forum (WEF) has called for religious scripture to be “rewritten” by artificial intelligence (AI) to create a globalized “new Bible.”

Yuval Noah Harari, the senior advisor to the WEF and its chairman Klaus Schwab, argues that using AI to replace scriptures will create unified “religions that are actually correct.”

Fire Guts Church Where Two Famous Homosexuals Were Getting Married

The dome of a church in Massachusetts (USA), which participated in the celebration of gay pride, was struck by lightning and burned down! Suddenly, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a fiery “sword” pierced the sky above the church and literally cut it in two!

The footage shows flames and thick black smoke destroying the First Congregational Church in Spencer, Massachusetts, about 90 miles from Boston. Onlookers can be heard screaming as the belfry of the Protestant church, built in 1863, falls, spewing more fire and smoke into the air.

June 8th: The Date Israel Murdered 34 US Sailors and Wounded 174 US Sailors

Not content with the territory that it had already stolen back in 1947, Israel, ever playing the role of victim, initiated what became known as The Six Day War on June 7, 1967. The one-sided fight pitted US-armed Israel against the Arab states of Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Hoping to bring the US into the war so that the Arab states could be annihilated in one fell swoop, Israeli jets and torpedo boats deliberately attacked the USS Liberty, a helpless communications ship on patrol in the Mediterranean Sea, near Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula.


The theory of technological singularity predicts a point in time when humans lose control over their technological inventions and subsequent developments due to the rise of machine consciousness and, as a result, their superior intelligence. Reaching singularity stage, in short, constitutes artificial intelligence’s (AI’s) greatest threat to humanity. Unfortunately, AI singularity is already underway.

We Are In The Time Of Messiah, The Third Temple, And Gog-Magog Now

In a recent blog post, a rabbi explained the ancestry of the Messiah in great detail according to Jewish sources. According to the sources, King David was precisely the mid-point of human history which means that the culmination of human history and the Messianic era is expected at any moment. In a recent blog post, Rabbi Palvanov explained the Jewish traditions describing the ancestry of Messiah. He graciously went into depth, explaining the difficult subject to Israel365 News.