Brock Long Executed

Former FEMA director Brock Long was hanged at Guantanamo Bay Monday morning (July 10, 2023), sealing the fate of yet another Deep State stooge bereft of morality and integrity, and like many Deep Staters before him, he died without dignity, sniveling and murmuring about his innocence.

His morning was typical of condemned prisoners who had mere hours to live. He got a 5:00 a.m. wake-up call and was offered a final repast, which he refused. He was given the opportunity to shower and shave—with a safety razor, of course—ahead of the main event, which he also declined. GITMO staff asked Long if he cared to speak with a man of the cloth before heading to the gallows, and he said “no.” He was shown paperwork listing the crimes for which he had been charged, indicted, tried, convicted, and sentenced. When asked if he understood the charges, Long shook his head.

Eric Holder Military Tribunal, Day 1

The criminal Eric Holder had tried to delay his Friday Guantanamo Bay military tribunal by saying he was emotionally incompetent to stand trial. His unlawful arrest, coupled with the psychological duress and “emotional abuse” endured at the hands of his jailers, had rendered him incapable of adequately defending himself against specious charges, he explained to Vice Adm. Darse E. Crandall at the start of Friday morning’s proceedings.

The admiral disagreed and reminded him that JAG had given him time to secure outside counsel. Holder had replied he hadn’t sought representation for two reasons: the charges were farcical and that he trusted only his own renowned legal acumen to defend his case.

19,000 Doctors Indicted for Covid Crimes

The next time you need an annual physical, you may have to schedule an appointment with the receptionist at Guantanamo Bay. There are approximately one million practicing physicians in the United States, and the United States Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps is holding sealed indictments on about 19,000 of them—general physicians, specialists, surgeons, emergency room, and urgent care staff.

A JAG source familiar with the indictments told Real Raw News that the indicted doctors took part in an unethical and unlawful partnership with the CDC and NIH during the Covid Plandemic.

The Untried and the Dead, Part I

The ample number of unrepentant Deep Staters who refused plea deals when faced with potential death sentences might lead one to believe that no Deep Stater has ever ratted out a co-conspirator. That view is untrue, said a JAG source currently stationed at Camp Blaz, Guam.

Although most chose death over deals, several Deep Staters, once charged with treason, supplied JAG with valuable intelligence that furthered ongoing investigations or led to another arrest in exchange for partial leniency. Our source said JAG’s general policy is to not comment on active investigations or which “assets” are presently talking; however, in response to a Real Raw News inquiry (prompted by website commenters), he agreed to share limited information on a few detainees yet to face military tribunals, adding he will seek approval to comment on others.

Military Puts FEMA on Notice

The White Hat council has put FEMA Director Deanne Criswell on notice, saying despotic Deep State sinecures like her are becoming extinct and ought to settle their affairs while time permits, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

All 12 members of the White Hat council authored a joint letter warning FEMA that the military would be scrutinizing the agency’s movements with the approach of this year’s hurricane season. It said if FEMA agents arrive at hurricane-stricken cities with items besides blankets, food, and water, they will be labeled “enemy combatants” and dealt with before they pillage homes or terrorize displaced citizens.

Former FEMA Director Craig Fugate, who led the agency during the Obama years, once called hurricane season “Christmas for FEMA,” alluding to…

Special Forces Recover Stolen Sarin Gas Rockets

United States Special Forces and chemical weapon specialists have recovered the GB rockets that inexplicably vanished from what should have been an impregnable concrete bunker at Army Blue Grass Weapons Depot in Kentucky, a source in General Eric M. Smith’s office told Real Raw News.

White Hats began investigating the mysterious disappearance Friday night after a soldier at BGAD claimed that 60 M55 sarin gas rockets were missing from storage racks and that someone in a position of power had removed their serial numbers from a restricted database. He had last seen the rockets, which were scheduled for destruction Friday, on Wednesday. He believed the disappearance occurred Thursday or early Friday morning while he was off shift.

Jimmy Dore Shows How Politicians Create a Crisis to Push for More Power and More Money

Two weeks ago, the Supreme Court blocked President Biden’s plan to cancel up to $20,000 in loans for borrowers making less than $125,000 that would have benefited over 40 million borrowers. After last month’s Supreme Court decision that concluded Biden lacked the authority to provide large-scale student loan relief through the executive emergency mechanism, he has faced mounting pressure to provide a bailout through other means. In response, the Biden administration created a loophole and the Department of Education announced that it will cancel $39 billion in federal student loans for more than 800,000 borrowers who were enrolled in loan repayment plans based on their income and after 20 or 25 years’ worth of…