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America’s food supply loaded with petrochemical pesticide and fertilizer residues linked to children’s health problems

The advocacy group Beyond Pesticides issued a special report in its journal “Pesticides and You” this week called “Transformative Change: Informed by Science, Policy, and Action” that highlights the “shocking scientific findings that compel us to act in our communities, states, and as a nation and world community.”

The 168-page issue contains a review of last year’s scientific, peer-reviewed articles, policy deficiencies, and action for change points concerning the prolific use of petrochemical pesticides and fertilizers in the conventional food supply, warning that these toxic substances are harming people, animals, and the environment.

Unless something is done to rein in all this chemical contamination, children will continue to get sick, biodiversity will vanish, and the world will become a toxic waste dump filled with cancer-causing, life-destroying chemicals.

(Related: In 2017, the “Monsanto Mafia” released a propaganda “documentary” film claiming that GMOs and crop pesticides and herbicides are safe for human consumption.)

The chemicals being used to grow food are destroying both people and planet

The report is broken down into three parts – health, biodiversity, and climate – each of which is addressed at-length using science. Concerning the first part, we know that the human health impacts of all this pesticide and fertilizer exposure are substantial.

Hospitals became DEATH and MURDER facilities during covid, facts show

Just because covid is over, thankfully, does not mean that the fallout from the health care system’s egregious medical abuses will go unchecked or unpunished.

Reports are flooding in about the horrors that took place at hospitals all across the country, many of which abused patients and committed systemic medical murder in the name of “saving lives” and “stopping the spread.”

Lawsuits are being filed left and right against hospitals that allegedly murdered people’s loved ones by putting them on remdesivir or a ventilator after using fraudulent PCR tests to proclaim a “positive” covid diagnosis.

Rather than treat patients with nutrition, and perhaps safe and effective drugs like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine, most medical institutions in America followed the script like they were ordered to do – and in exchange, they raked in the dough for compliance.

(Related: Remember when Sarasota Memorial Hospital in Florida was caught trying to murder patients in order to boost its “covid death” numbers in exchange for cash?)

The official American hospital covid protocol was a MURDER regimen

American Thinker‘s Stella Paul wrote a piece highlighting some of the stories of people whose loved ones lost their lives at the hands of medical terrorists who isolated patients from their families while killing them with the official covid death protocol.


U.S. Gov. Paid Hospitals to Lie and People Died

Latest government excuse for deadly covid “vaccines:” We said you should take them but didn’t actually mean it

STUDY: Short-term face mask use causes carbon dioxide poisoning – cognitive impairment, testicular damage, stillbirth and impaired memory

Studies continue to show that face masks provided no protection against covid-19. Now, a new peer-reviewed study out of Germany finds that short-term face mask use causes carbon dioxide poisoning, leading to testicular dysfunction in young men, increased risk of stillbirth for pregnant women, cognitive decline in children, as well as impaired memory, anxiety, and other serious health problems. Masks force a person to inhale unsafe levels of CO2, synthetic microfibers, carcinogenic compounds, volatile organic compounds, and microorganisms that have adapted to the moist environment inside the mask. The researchers warn that face masks suffocate people in their own exhaled waste, increasing CO2 levels in their blood while driving up blood pressure and inflammatory markers.

The study, Possible toxicity of chronic carbon dioxide exposure associated with face mask use, particularly in pregnant women, children, and adolescents was published in the peer reviewed journal, Helion.

Face masks spike CO2 blood levels, destroying childhood brain development, depleting men’s sperm

Fresh air typically contains just .04% CO2. When a person puts on a mask, they are exposed to low level carbon dioxide poisoning in the range of 1.4–3.2%. In the study, CO2 concentrations as low as .3% were associated with significant brain damage, impaired memory, and increased anxiety in children. The study found that just five minutes of mask wearing can expose an individual to dangerous CO2 levels – laying the groundwork for serious health issues and developmental disorders in children.


COVIDIOCY: Face masks linked to stillbirths, testicular dysfunction, and cognitive decline due to carbon dioxide buildup

Study: There Is No Evidence Masking Worked During the Pandemic

Healthy 32-year-old doctor died suddenly from cerebral blood clot because of AstraZeneca covid “vaccine,” coroner determines

Just 10 days after receiving the single-dose injection of AstraZeneca’s Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccine” back in January of 2021, 32-year-old Dr. Stephen Wright, a formerly healthy young physician, dropped dead. And the coroner who examined Wright’s body determined that the young man did, in fact, die because of the jab.

Charlotte Wright, the man’s wife, is currently in the process of having his death certificate changed from “natural causes” to what senior coroner Andrew Harris described in a court hearing as actually being a brainstem infarction, bleed on the brain, and “vaccine-induced thrombosis.”

“Dr. Wright was a fit and healthy man who had the AstraZeneca covid vaccination on 16 January 2021, awoke with a headache on the 25th and later developed left arm numbness,” Harris testified at London Inner South Coroner’s Court, according to reports.

“He attended an emergency department just after midnight, where he was found to have high blood pressure and a sagittal sinus venous thrombosis.”

AstraZeneca still claiming its covid jab is safe: “the benefits of vaccination outweigh the risks of extremely rare potential side effects”

We know that Wright was transferred to King’s College Hospital at 6:39 a.m. the morning after his health issues began, but “because of the extent of the bleed and very low platelets,” Harris further explained, he “was unfit for surgery, dying at 6:33 p.m.”

 “My conclusion was to the cause of death is unintended complications of vaccination,” Harris declared definitively and without question before the court.


There were 30% more deaths than expected in the U.K. last year.

Steve Kirsch is back with Stew to report on the shocking new numbers acknowledged by the British government.

Covid-19 is supposed to affect old people more than young people.

However, new numbers show deaths in young adults is 3 times higher than in the elderly.

There are mysterious excess deaths in the U.K. and in Canada that are officially unexplained.

The only real explanation is that the Covid-19 “vaccines” are causing young people across the U.K. to die suddenly.

Some who are clearly vaccine injured and riddled with health problems refuse to consider or admit the Covid vaxx caused their illnesses.

The Big Pharma controlled media is censoring both Tucker Carlson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

A doctor who specializes in Lymes disease reported that 90% of his patients who got vaccinated have seen their conditions get much worse.

The list for Nuremberg 2.0 continues to get longer as we move closer to holding these murders accountable.

Doctors & Others Speak Out

‘The greatest crime against humanity’ in history: Naomi Wolf’s 11 revelations from Pfizer vaccine documents

In an extraordinary speech synthesizing several “headline” discoveries from analyses of thousands of Pfizer documents, Dr. Naomi Wolf presented how the COVID “vaccine” enterprise intentionally sought to not only “disrupt and impair human reproduction” but “attack” and “kill” large numbers of people, particularly in the West.

Wolf, a lifelong Democrat, addressed the conservative citadel of Hillsdale College in March, confessing that events over the last three years “truly imploded” her former world view and that what matters most now is “the Constitution, liberty and freedom.”

The author and journalist who is also a co-founder and CEO of the Daily Clout explained how she and Steve Bannon of the War Room recruited 3,500 science and medical experts to help analyze tens of thousands of documents that Pfizer submitted to the FDA for use in evaluating the safety and effectiveness of their COVID injectables.

The FDA had originally argued against their release in a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit seeking to stall publication of the crucial safety data for up to 75 years, but this request was rejected by a Texas court and the first drop of documents were released on March 2, 2022.

WHO warns of HUGE BIOLOGICAL RISK after Sudanese rebels hijack biolab containing dangerous virus samples

The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned the public that there could be a “huge biological risk” after Sudanese rebel fighters took control of a bio lab in the nation’s capital city Khartoum. According to the WHO, the rebels have occupied a national public laboratory that holds samples of diseases, including polio, measles and cholera.

“That is extremely, extremely dangerous because we have polio isolates in the lab. We have measles isolates in the lab. We have cholera isolates in the lab,” WHO representative in Sudan Dr. Nima Saeed Abid told a United Nations (UN) briefing in Geneva via video call. “There is a huge biological risk associated with the occupation of the central public health lab in Khartoum by one of the fighting parties.”

He added that the main concern is that the lab technicians no longer have access to the lab to safely contain the biological material and substances available. “In addition to chemical hazards, bio-risk hazards are also very high due to lack of functioning generators,” Abid said.

During a recent Fox News segment on the matter, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the WHO has failed to safely secure high-security labs around the globe.

Fighting between rebel forces and the Sudanese military has been taking place since April 15. The said biolab takeover came as officials warned that more refugees could flee Sudan despite the U.S.-brokered 72-hour ceasefire between rival forces.

Al Jazeera reported that the fighting has plunged Sudan into chaos, pushing the already heavily aid-dependent African nation to the brink of collapse. Dozens of hospitals have shuttered in the Sudan capital and elsewhere across the country due to the fighting and dwindling medical and fuel supplies, according to the Sudanese Doctors’ Syndicate.

The UN health agency also said it had confirmed 14 attacks on healthcare during the fighting, killing eight and injuring two, and it warned that “depleting stocks of blood bags risk spoiling due to lack of power.” Sudan’s Federal Ministry of Health has put the number of deaths so far at 459, with a further 4,072 wounded.


WHO Cites “Huge Biological Risk” As Sudan Fighters Seize Lab Containing Deadly Pathogens

Are covid and the “vaccines” the worst genocidal atrocity in world history?

The official numbers from the World Health Organization (WHO) show that nearly one billion people tested “positive” for the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) since the start of the “pandemic,” and nearly seven million people have died. Does this make covid and its associated “vaccines” the worst act of genocide ever perpetrated in the history of the world?

Since the fallout from covid and its Operation Warp Speed “vaccine” program is still ongoing, the final figures have yet to be tabulated. There is also the problem of who is doing the counting, as official government sources, including the WHO, seem to be avoiding the vaccine-induced deaths while blaming the rest of the deaths on “covid.”

Truth be told, it was the government-imposed covid policies that are largely responsible for all the pain and suffering that came about from the plandemic. Had the media, government officials, and left-wing corporations refused to participate in the charade, how many now-deceased people would still be with us?

According to Dr. Robert Malone, MD, many of the deaths blamed on “covid” were caused by the lockdowns, which led many into a death spiral of alcohol and drug abuse – and in some cases suicide. Then there was the deprivation of medical access throughout the scamdemic, which left many sick people with no treatment options until the government decided it was okay to reopen.

Covid and the “vaccines” were designed to kill en masse

A quick look at the biggest disasters and genocides that have ever occurred throughout history suggests that most, if not all, of them pale in comparison to what the covid psychological operation accomplished in terms of massively reducing the world’s population under the guise of protecting “public health.”

Top 7 SERIOUS HEART PROBLEMS caused by the vascular-clogging Covid jabs

There are not many things more devastating to a parent than to watch their child’s health spin out of control, or worse yet, the child passes away before they do. As of late, even the healthiest kids and teens on the planet are experiencing serious heart problems after getting the mRNA Covid spike-protein-producing “vaccines.” In case you are unaware, mRNA instructs human cells to produce millions of microscopic prions that resemble an influenza virus and invade every organ of the human body. Once there, the human immune system instructs the fight or flight system to respond accordingly, attacking the foreign pathogens across all systems and throughout the vascular system. This in turn creates massive stress on the heart, as the arteries are clogged and clotted, limiting blood, oxygen, and nutrient flow. Healthy kids get struck hard, just take a look at all the athletes dropping to their knees, clutching their chests in agony.

The Covid clot shots can cause the human heart to suffer from muscle thickening, irregular beating, relentless pressure, and a long-term weakening

Some people who got the clot shots experience irregular heartbeats afterwards and can’t even fathom that it’s caused by a “vaccine,” because all they hear and read about is the fake mantra that all vaccines are “safe and effective.” The Fauci falsehoods flood the televisions and newspapers. The CDC spews the disinformation across the nation daily. Arrhythmia is an irregular heartbeat that can feel like the heart is beating too fast, or too slow, or out of rhythm. Often, this is caused by blockages (sticky spike proteins) in blood vessels that cause a buildup of pressure, making the heart work harder, its muscle thicken, and eventually, a total weakening. Risk of heart attack and stroke rise quickly.

 Angina is chest pain from insufficient blood flow to the heart, as spike proteins clot and clog the arteries, blood vessels, and capillaries. There is no set time limit to how long mRNA “technology” causes the manipulated human cells to create these toxic prions, and the effects can be felt long after the toxic jabs have been administered. Fauci calls this “Long Covid,” but it’s really just “Long Vaccine Damage.”

RNA vaccines don’t strictly contain mRNA, they contain modRNA, which genetically manipulates (GMO) healthy human cells

It is a misnomer, we are disturbed to report, for Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccines” to be called mRNA, short for messenger RNA. It turns out that these deadly injections actually contain what is known as modified RNA, or modRNA, which Dr. Klaus Steger, PhD, says genetically manipulates healthy cells.

Since mRNA is fragile and easily destroyed by the human immune system within minutes, Big Pharma is utilizing modRNA instead. And just as many warned as the case, modRNA genetically alters the human genome, rendering it a gene-editing technology that ultimately turns the human body into a hybridized trans-human GMO.

“To protect against destruction by the immune system, modified RNA (modRNA) is packaged in lipid nanoparticles (LNPs), which, due to their small size and synthetic optimization, can easily overcome biological barriers and even reach vital cells in the heart and brain,” Steger writes for The Epoch Times.

“According to the concept of RNA-based injections, the antigen (here, the spike protein of SARS-CoV-2) is synthesized by our cells and presented at the cell surfaces, where it serves as a target for the generation of neutralizing antibodies.”

There are several problems with this process, though, one of them being the creation of antibody-dependent enhancement, or ADE, as a side effect. ADE allows endocytosis of virus-antibody complexes into the host’s immune cells, which include macrophages, causing a weakening of the immune system.

“Put simply, non-neutralizing antibodies represent devils in disguise, making a person’s body more susceptible to illness related to follow-up and booster injections,” Steger explains.

RNA vaccines create redundant proteins, which interfere with proper cell metabolism

Another problem with modRNA is the fact that it transforms healthy cells, or friendly cells, into foe cells due to the attachment of the viral spike protein to their surface. The body mistranslates the healthy cell itself as being part of the viral spike protein and destroys it, causing progressive immune degradation, i.e., AIDS.

Genetic and biological weaponry continues to be deployed across the food supply

Now that human beings are learning to reject mRNA vaccine experiments and associated biological warfare, there is a new global agenda that seeks to inject animals with mRNA bioweapons and taint the food supply with genetic weaponry. Animals cannot give consent, so they are the perfect vessels to experiment on. Animals are also the perfect vessels to reach humans who no longer consent to this experimental genetic weaponry en masse.

Vaccines have been transfecting humans with animal viruses for decades

The history of vaccination has proven animal cells to be a great modality to transfect humans with cancer-causing viruses. For instance, between 1955 and 1963, hundreds of millions of people in North America, South America, Canada, Europe, Asia, and Africa received polio vaccines that were contaminated with SV40, a monkey virus. Early polio vaccines were produced by growing polio viruses in monkey cell cultures that were naturally contaminated with SV40. An estimated 10-30% of all polio vaccines are contaminated with this cancer-causing animal virus. Studies suggest that oncogenic PyV was introduced into the human population through contaminated polio vaccines. Vaccines for RSV, adenovirus and hepatitis A have also been shown to spread the SV40 virus. This oncogenic PyV is associated with malignant pleural mesothelioma (MPM), bone, brain, lung, thyroid, pituitary, and urothelial tumors, pleomorphic adenomas of parotid glands, choroid plexus tumors, and ependymomas in children.

This sick, ghastly vaccine experimentation will continue to occur, albeit more directly through the food supply, and more efficiently using mRNA platforms designed for beef, swine and produce.


Cattle group forms special task force to consider mRNA “vaccination” of food animals

Is Apeel Produce Coating that Is Currently Applied to Fruits and Vegetables Harmful?

Missouri Informed Consent Bill Defeated

UNCENSORED: Dr. Stephanie Seneff Can mRNA Bypass Our Stomach Acid If They Put It In Our Food?

MRNA FOOD TASK FORCE! – Our Food Is Their Target! – The FIGHT Begins NOW!


The supposed “War on Cancer” is fake in America. From the mass media to organizations that claim they are searching for a cure, nearly every effort claimed to be made is for the most part too little, too late. Medical care for cancer is a backwards approach that waits until cancer cells have invaded weakened tissue in the body and taken root. Many diagnostic methods for detecting cancer literally cause cancer themselves, like mammograms (scam-o-grams) and biopsies (surgery can spread cancer cells in the blood).

Mainstream treatment options can cause more cancer to develop, including chemotherapy and radiation. It’s all just fuel for the fire, throwing gasoline on a burning bonfire and expecting it to extinguish. What’s the use in trying to fight a war after the enemy has decimated the homeland and already taken over? What happened to preparation and prevention?

The fake “War on Cancer” ignores all the toxins, poisons, and known carcinogens Americans consume, apply, and inject regularly

Cancer is the uncontrolled division and multiplication of our own cells that turn and attack our own body. Everything that is healthy for humans is bad for cancer, like oxygen, clean water, and organic food. Unfortunately, there are more and more toxins flooding the food, medicine, and personal care industries than ever before. Shopping blindly for food and OTC medications (for the symptoms of that bad diet) will leave you in a world of hurt, begging doctors later to save you from cancer, all while you pour in more toxins. For most Americans, they are burning the candle at both ends, and the so-called treatments for cancer seem to only temporarily stave off the inevitable.

 Cancer feeds off a lack of oxygen, lack of nutrients, and an acidic body (low pH). The typical American literally consumes toxins all day long, through the mouth, the nose, the skin, and the lungs. From toxic “vaccines” to the toxic municipal tap, it’s like a relentless supply of food for cancer cells. Who wants to fight an enemy who’s constantly being loaded up with supplies, including food and weapons? Think about that for a minute.

Here are the top 10 fuels for cancer, that if completely cut off, would be the best basis for a “war on cancer” one could wage

Researchers make breakthrough discovery that could extend human lifespan by 80 per cent

The magic pill may have been uncovered by a team of researchers whose findings could pave the way for lifespans to be extended by up to 80 per cent.
A team from the University of California San Diego’s research has suggested that human cells could be reprogrammed to an extent where their natural deterioration could be halted.

While the discovery was made on yeast cells, researchers suggest it could provide crucial insight into ageing in humans.

“Our work represents a proof-of-concept example, demonstrating the successful application of synthetic biology to reprogram the cellular ageing process,” Professor Nan Hao said.

“It may lay the foundation for designing synthetic gene circuits to effectively promote longevity in more complex organisms.”

The research used synthetic biology to engineer a way to keep cells from reaching normal levels of deterioration associated with ageing.


BOMBSHELL – Pfizer and FDA Knew in Early 2021 That Pfizer mRNA COVID “Vaccine” Caused Dire Fetal and Infant Risks, Including Death. They Began an Aggressive Campaign to Vaccinate Pregnant Women Anyway

5 reasons to believe the global population is already one billion people less than it was in January 2020

Mobile phone data shows that post-pandemic cities like San Francisco, Chicago and Boston are MUCH less busy – where did the people go?

Federal judge rules Mississippi must allow religious exemptions for school vaccines

FDA says new vaccines no longer have to prevent infection or transmission in order to be approved – so what good are they?

Marburg Virus PCR Tests Coming Soon?

CLAIM: Pfizer BRIBED over 400 “independent” medical organizations and nonprofits to propagate alleged false narratives about their so-called vaccine

Catherine Fitts and Robert Kennedy on Fauci and vaccine fraud

Bill Gates and Chelsea Clinton Leading Greatest Jab Campaign on Children

Miscarriages and Stillbirths Have Gone Up. Why?

Needle-Free COVID Vaccine Trials Begin




Moderna teams up with IBM to put A.I., quantum computing to work on mRNA technology used in vaccines

MEP Christine Anderson Explains How She Knew COVID Measures Were NOT About Public Health


Robert Kennedy, Jr. at “Important Conversations Never Had – College Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates: Scientific, Ethical, and Legal Considerations”

Moderna CEO Owns Company Stock Valued at $2.8 Billion and Was Recently Given a 50% Raise

Top 5 TRUTHS about Covid “vaccines” Pharma NEVER mentions until they’re forced to

WHO Cites “Huge Biological Risk” As Sudan Fighters Seize Lab Containing Deadly Pathogens

Report: People across America are routinely exposed to vinyl chloride pollution

Do You Realize That When It Comes To 5G & Other EMFs That Children Are The Ones Most At Risk?

Study Finds Evidence For Tumors From Cellphone Radiation

Plant-based power: The science-backed health benefits of pine nuts

North Dakota governor signs law banning nearly all abortions

New Lyme Disease mRNA Vaccines Being Developed for Humans

Did a Military Lab Spill Anthrax Into Public Waterways?

Funeral Industry Dumps Formaldehyde Into Soil

Our Memories Are Being Erased By Breathing (Toxic Pollutants)

4 dead, 31 infected after bacterial outbreak hits Seattle hospital



Baking Soda Hacks – From Cleaning to Repair – The many uses of Baking Soda

Study: Vitamin D Deficiency in Pregnancies During Lockdowns

This Common Combo Raises the Risk of Lethal Overdose 5-Fold

King Charles Enthusiastically Embraces Genetic Editing

Teenage “trans” male who opted to surgically replace penis with fake vagina DIES from complications

Chemtrails Confirmed: They’re Real and Very Dangerous!


Planned Parenthood’s annual report: Abortions hold steady at 400k as pregnancy services decline

Vegetable oils (i.e., soy, canola) have “remarkable estrogenic properties,” study finds

Nevada Children Are Getting Rare Brain Infections


Use organic castor oil sold by heritage store.

Edgar Cayce always promoted castor oil packs for many ailments.

If you use peanut oil a few times a week, massaging your joints and also use castor oil , this will treat arthritis and prevent it…..it soaks into the bone and lubricates joints.


Boron is the 5th Element on the periodic table of elements. It is the first of 7 elements known as metalloids, which is something between metal & solid non-metal.

It is in the water, the air & the soil & it is found in small amounts on meteors. Chemically uncombined boron, or pure boron is not found on earth & it is extremely difficult to produce.

Trace boron is necessary for all plant life.

23 uses for Boron/Boric Acid/Borax and counting.
1. Yeast Infections, vaginitis & other bactericides and fungicides of skin and organs.

2. Eye Drops
Boric acid has been a common anti-bacterial in eye drops for over 70 years.

3. Ear Drops
Boric Acid is an effective antibiotic for the treatment of ear infections and pain relief.

4. Cancer Treatment
Articles published in prominent Medical journals report the potential of boric acid in the treatment of certain cancers.

Melanoma, Breast & Prostate Cancer studies have shown that boric acid can cause cancer cell apoptosis and prevent tumor growth.

Apoptosis is a process by which abnormal cells are killed by the body & cancer cells are typically immune to apoptosis as the body doesn’t recognize them as abnormal. But recent studies are showing that boric acid opens certain cancers to apoptosis, which means, they become known to the body as abnormal cells & the body then kills them naturally.

5. Anti-fungal meds
It kills candida fungus & is used on fingernail and toenail fungus. It also kills more drug-resistant forms of candida glabrada.

6. Flea control in carpets
Just sprinkle a light dusting of boric acid on your carpet & it will kill fleas & any eggs that hatch. It will not kill adults however.

7. As a mold and fungus killer
Mix a little boric acid & soap in water & use it as a cleaner. It will kill mold, mildew and fungus which cause illness and allergies.

8. Antiseptic
Boric acid mixed in distilled water is a very effective antiseptic.

9. Cold Sores
Boric acid ointment can shorten a cold sore infection by up to 1/3 of the time.

10. Acne
Boric Acids antibacterial properties make it a very effective for acne breakouts. Some people use it pure and some use it in an ointment.

11. Fertilizer
It’s a Crucial nutrient for plant life.

12. Boron comes OTC as a dietary supplement
(THAT’S RIGHT, YOU EAT IT) for boron deficiency & bone health including osteoporosis (brittle bone disease).

13. Oral supplement for Menstrual cramps

14. Athletic Performance

15. Laundry Brightener

16. Forging Metal, Metal Welding, soldering & brazing.

17. Flame retardant

18. Neutron Absorber

19. Catalyst in lead acid battery function

20. Treatment of chronic wounds

21. Used in the finishing of cotton fibers

22. A crucial element in cobalt electroplating

23. Jewelry metal working