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BREAKING: New Study Shows Dangers of Spike Protein Accumulation in the Brain

In a shocking landmark study, the severe danger to brain health presented by COVID-19 Spike protein was exposed last week by a cross-disciplinary research team of 30 doctors.

From the authors:

Our results revealed the accumulation of the spike protein in the skull marrow, brain meninges, and brain parenchyma. The injection of the spike protein alone caused cell death in the brain, highlighting a direct effect on brain tissue. Furthermore, we observed the presence of spike protein in the skull of deceased long after their COVID-19 infection, suggesting that the spike’s persistence may contribute to long-term neurological symptoms.

While this fact has been swept under the rug by major media outlets, the data shows a sharp rise in reported cases of brain fog, memory loss, and dementia-like conditions since the pandemic. The link between neurogenerative disease and spike protein accumulation in the brain is undeniable.

Indeed, brave doctors like Dr. Peter McCullough provide insight into the current state of affairs from real clinical experience treating patients:

“It is reassuring to patients suffering with post-COVID or “long-COVID” that it is not all in their heads, the pathophysiology is pointing to persistence of Spike protein in the blood which is pathogenic and likely driving tissue/organ injury with associated symptoms.

Because COVID-19 mRNA vaccines further load the body with genetic code and more Spike protein, it is likely that vaccination worsens post-COVID syndromes despite raising antibodies against the Spike protein. I have not found claims that vaccination reduces long-COVID syndromes valid in bias papers that are pushing vaccines.”


Brain Injuries After COVID Vaccination

45 Times as Many Deaths After COVID Shots in Just 2 Years Compared With All Flu Vaccine-Related Deaths Since 1990, Data Show

The cost of injecting healthy people, “especially children,” with a Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine “outweighs any claimed though unvalidated benefits,” according to researchers who analyzed adverse events data from more than 10 regulatory surveillance and self-reporting systems during the first two years of the COVID-19 vaccine rollout.

“Our meta-analysis of both national and international vaccine adverse events emphasizes the importance of re-evaluating public health policies that promote universal mass injection and multiple boosters for all demographic groups,” said the authors of a peer-reviewed study published this month in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research.

Eliana Romero, Ph.D., director of clinical research at the Neurodiversity Foundation, Shawn Fry, founder and chief science officer of the Neurodiversity Foundation and Brian Hooker, Ph.D., P.E., chief scientific officer of Children’s Health Defense and associate professor of biology at Simpson University in Redding, California, authored the paper.

The researchers looked at adverse events specifically related to cardiovascular and fertility health — such as myocarditis and menstrual abnormalities — that went overlooked during the “expedited safety analyses” that took place in the “accelerated approval process that allowed the manufacturers to fast-track their products,” they said.

They analyzed data from the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database — the primary government-funded system for reporting adverse vaccine reactions in the U.S., which has been shown to report only 1% of actual vaccine adverse events — and the Defense Medical Epidemiology Database (DMED), the medical events database for all active and reserve U.S. military.


Government’s Own COVID Shot Death Numbers Confirmed & They Are Astonishing

Maternal Death Rates in U.S. Rose Sharply in 2021 — CDC Should Make It a Priority to Find Out Why

Modern obstetrical care in the U.S. has had a major impact in reducing maternal death rates over several decades.

Now there is a reversal of these trends. From the start of the pandemic, there have been reports with mixed results for mortality among pregnant women with COVID-19 infection and after COVID-19 vaccination.

Sadly, many women have had both exposures in 2021 and beyond.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that approximately 65% of women have taken a vaccine — most before conception and the remainder through the term of gestation.

This occurred because the CDC advised that pregnant women take this risk with no assurances about the mother or baby’s health through pregnancy.

Doctors & Others Speak Out

Big Pharma says new mRNA “vaccines” for cancer and heart disease will be “ready by end of the decade”

The corporate-controlled media is leaping with joy over a new range of “vaccines” for conditions like cancer and heart disease that the pharmaceutical industry has slated to unleash by the year 2030.

None other than Moderna, which had never successfully produced a single vaccine before being chosen by the Trump administration for inclusion in the Operation Warp Speed covid “vaccine” scam, is promising to release a slate of new messenger RNA (mRNA) injections for everything from cancer and cardiovascular disease to autoimmune disease and RSV (respiratory syncytial virus).

The experimental shots are already showing “tremendous promise,” the company claims. What would have normally taken around 15 years to produce has been “unspooled” to just 12-18 months, said Moderna chief medical officer Dr. Paul Burton.

Thanks to Trump’s inclusion of the Moderna mRNA shot in Operation Warp Speed, the multi-billion-dollar company can now unleash all sorts of other new jabs on the same fast-tracked schedule. In as little as five years, Burton says, Moderna will have the ability to unleash new jabs for “all sorts of disease areas.”

“We will have that vaccine and it will be highly effective, and it will save many hundreds of thousands, if not millions of lives,” Burton claims. “I think we will be able to offer personalized cancer vaccines against multiple different tumor types to people around the world.”

Moderna planning to unleash a multivalent mRNA jab for covid, the flu, and RSV – all in one just like MMR (measles, mumps, and rubella)

MIT Scientists Discover ‘Remarkable’ Way To Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease

MIT scientists Thursday reported having potentially made a major breakthrough in the struggle against Alzheimer’s disease — one that produces “dramatic reductions” in neurodegeneration.

The hope centers on an unnamed peptide, or string of acids, that “interferes with,” or hampers the activity of, a particular enzyme known as CDK5. CDK5 is known to be overactive in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients and is believed to be behind a multitude of mechanisms by which cognitive decline and neurodegeneration occur.

Early tests conducted on mice revealed significant — and promising — results.

“We found that the effect of this peptide is just remarkable,” said study author Li-Huei Tsai, director of MIT’s Picower Institute for Learning and Memory. “We saw wonderful effects in terms of reducing neurodegeneration and neuroinflammatory responses, and even rescuing behavior deficits.”

“When the researchers tested the peptide in a mouse model of Alzheimer’s disease that has hyperactive CDK5, they saw a myriad of beneficial effects, including reductions in DNA damage, neural inflammation, and neuron loss,” the report said.

Why I don’t believe there ever was a Covid virus

I’ve grown increasingly frustrated about the way debate is controlled around the topic of origins of the alleged novel virus, SARS-CoV-2, and I have come to disbelieve it’s ever been in circulation, causing massive scale illness and death.

Concerningly, almost no one will entertain this possibility, despite the fact that molecular biology is the easiest discipline in which to cheat. That’s because you really cannot do it without computers, and sequencing requires complex algorithms and, importantly, assumptions. Tweaking algorithms and assumptions, you can hugely alter the conclusions.

This raises the question of why there is such an emphasis on the media storm around Fauci, Wuhan and a possible lab escape. After all, the ‘perpetrators’ have significant control over the media. There’s no independent journalism at present. It is not as though they need to embarrass the establishment.  I put it to readers that they’ve chosen to do so.

So who do I mean by ‘they’ and ‘the perpetrators?  There are a number of candidates competing for this position, with their drug company accomplices, several of whom are named in Paula Jardine’s excellent five-part series for TCW, Anatomy of the sinister Covid project. High on the list is the ‘enabling’ World Economic Forum and their many political acolytes including Justin Trudeau and Jacinda Ardern.



Dr. Michael Yeadon Claims Covid Was a Fake Pandemic/The Flu Disappeared/World Leaders Were Not Afraid/Virus Does Not Exist

40 Facts You NEED to Know: The REAL Story of “Covid”

We first published our hugely popular cribsheet in September of 2021 in response to dozens – even hundreds – of reader requests for sources and data. It was intended as a resource and link dump as much as an article, and intentionally free of interpretation, editorialising or opinion.

The response was incredible, within weeks it became our most-viewed article of all time, and it has maintained steady traffic ever since.

But time moves on, and as new data was published and new facts came to light, it became clear we needed to update the piece – not just in terms of facts, but in terms of approach.

So, here are all the updated key facts and sources concerning the alleged “pandemic”, to help you get a grasp on what has happened to the world since January 2020, and assist in the enlightenment of any of your friends who might be still trapped in the New Normal fog.

Pfizer funded a CDC “behavior change” project that targeted vaccine critics with psyops

A new report has shed fresh light on the connection between the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and numerous private-sector drug, vaccine, and health care companies that have been working together to silence vaccine critics from speaking their minds.

The Public Good Projects (PGP), as it is benevolently dubbed, describes itself as a public health non-profit group centered around “large-scale monitoring programs, social and behavior change interventions.” The truth, though, is that it is a fascist public-private operation aimed at keeping a lid on the deadly truth about vaccines.

PGP is little more than a mass censorship operation that, especially at the height of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic,” kept itself busy de-platforming doctors and other medical specialists who tried to sound the alarm about the dangers of Fauci Flu shots.

In addition to the CDC and the FDA, other PGP partners include Kaiser Permanente, Rockefeller, and Humana, according to the Tennessee Department of Health, which identified these partners from the biography of PGP CEO Dr. Joe Smyser.

PGP funding came not from lobbyists but directly from vaccine manufacturers like Pfizer and Moderna

VACCINE for Covid-19 now documented to CAUSE MIS – Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome

Take heed of this documented case of a man who developed multi-organ failure just after getting jabbed with his second injection of Moderna’s mRNA-1273 China Flu shot. Remember, most cases, studies, and research regarding negative outcomes for vaccines, especially the Covid spike protein jabs, get buried, censored, and blacklisted from the news and most online research hubs. This 58-year-old man required critical organ support in an intensive care unit.

Multisystem inflammatory syndrome is a life-threatening condition associated with elevated inflammatory markers and multiple organ injury. The doctors ran an extensive workup to find there were no other alternative infections or inflammatory processes that triggered this, so they concluded methodically that the Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome was caused by the mRNA vaccine.

While the truth comes out about vaccine damage, the CDC scrambles to cover up all the atrocities of vaccine violence caused by mRNA

It’s “catch and release” time for the vaccine industrial complex, as the truth about vaccine violence during and after the Covid plandemic rears its head like whack-a-mole, as the CDC scrambles to knock down and cover up all the horror-story cases that reveal the widespread dangers of humans being injected with mRNA-gene-mutating “technology” that causes vital organs to clog, inflame, malfunction and fail.

WARNING: Have You Heard About Bill Gates’ New Company “Apeel”

Hello mRNA steaks!

Would you like your steak well done?


Medium rare?

No matter what you choose it’s about to also come with a side of the mRNA poison vaxx!

How wonderful!


And who do we have to thank?

Why, Bill Gates of course!

Or as some of you have dubbed him, “Kill Gates” as an homage to his penchant for bringing death and destruction seemingly everywhere he goes!

Just ask all the little African children he jabbed.

But I digress, that’s a different story.

Today I want you to see how proud he looks announcing his new partnership with DFID to jab all our cattle and inject them with the toxin mRNA vaxx.

Because: “science”.

Apeel is funded by Bill Gates and others and the WEF indorses it. Gates is a globalist and a eugenicist, he would not endorse anything that was good for us – quite the opposite. At the website you can’t find any info about what the product is exactly. Look at the frequently asked questions, they even tell you don’t buy it if you’re worried. In Canada so far it’s just on cucumbers and maybe apples. In the US it’s avocados, apples and I think limes and lemons maybe cucumbers too. The company is very mysterious about what the product actually is. And it can’t be washed off no matter how much scrubbing it even says this on the website: https://www.apeel.com/how-apeel-works
Safety data sheet says : APEEL Hazard statements H318 Causes serious eye damage. H317 May cause an allergic skin reaction. H412 Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Precautionary statements P280 Wear protective gloves/ protective clothing/ eye protection/ face protection. P302+P352 IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water.

Apeel Safety Data Sheet 1: https://www.evansvanodine.co.uk/assets/eng_apeel.pdf
Apeel Safety Data Sheet 2: http://www.oateslaboratories.com/documents/downloads/msds/cr/apeel.pdf

ARTICLE: This Bill Gates-backed start-up is fighting world hunger by making your avocados last longer: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/31/bill-gates-backed-apeel-sciences-makes-fruit-avocados-last-longer.html

ARTICLE: https://corporate.asda.com/newsroom/2021/11/19/asda-is-the-first-uk-retailer-to-introduce-apeels-plant-based-protection-to-increase-shelf-life-and-help-reduce-food-waste

Mad scientists are now experimenting with mRNA injections in beef, poultry, pork, and produce… food supply bioweapons?

Scientists across the United States are receiving massive funding to test out novel mRNA vaccine systems on rodents, livestock, and produce. The deleterious nature of the mRNA platform and the deadly failures of its application in human populations has not stopped the US government from funding new mRNA experiments to re-engineer animals, food, and humans. Mad scientists are now experimenting with mRNA injections in beef, poultry, pork, and produce. There are currently no laws to protect the food supply and the human genome from an onslaught of mRNA experiments and the mass production and deployment of biological weapons inside animals and produce.

The mRNA experimentation continues in cows at Iowa State University

In fact, the Veterinary Microbiology and Preventive Medicine Department at Iowa State University is testing out an mRNA vaccine system on cows. The stated goal is to induce immunological protection in cows that are prone to RSV infection. The vaccine platform includes a prefusion F mRNA delivered continuously by a vaccine implant. The implant delivers preprogrammed mRNA into the cow’s cells, instructing the cells to produce a pathogenic protein antigen that the cow’s immune cells are trained to attack. The technology will be first carried out in mice, before it is unleashed as a “cost-effective way” to sustain cow populations.

As of April 5, 2023, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association heeded, “There are no current mRNA vaccines licensed for use in beef cattle in the United States. Cattle farmers and ranchers do vaccinate cattle to treat and prevent many diseases, but presently none of these vaccines include mRNA technology.” Their Association doesn’t seem concerned that mRNA experiments are headed into the beef supply.

Merck and Genvax are in a race to transfect pork with mRNA injections


Beef Producers Panic Over mRNA Vaccine News


US Government Revving Up COVID Vaccines With $5 Billion Infusion

The Confusion Over mRNA Sorcery In Meat Is By Design

FACT CHECK: Is The mRNA Already In Our Food Supply?


U.S. Approves First 3 COVID Vaccine Injury Claims — And Pays Out a Total of $4,634.89

OUTRAGE! U.S. Government Finally Compensates First Petitioners for COVID-19 Vaccine Injuries: 3 People Awarded an Average of $1,500 for Damaged Hearts



World Death Organization



Research Shows “Long COVID” Could Actually Be Mask Induced Exhaustion Syndrome (MIES)

Anti-Vaxx Movement Given Greatest Gift Ever By US Attorney – We’re Going To See Everything They’ve Been Hiding About The CONvid Shots

Bill Gates Working With DFID To Put The Poison Vaxx In Cattle!

Brought To You By Pfizer & New York “Misinformation Response Unit”: CDC “Behavior Change” Project Targeted “Vaccine” Critics

IT NEVER ENDS: New Zealand extends mandatory 7-day COVID quarantine until 2024

Dr. Mercola: Vaccine for Cancer, Other Untreatable Conditions Possible by 2030

Sodium Bicarbonate vs Cancer

Nearly 1 in 4 Women 60 and Over Use Antidepressants

The Increasing Availability and Risk of Injectable Skinniness

The Kiddies Get a Lesson on BigPharma and Pharmacueticals – Or Does the Teacher Get Schooled?

CHD Petitions FCC to Address 5G Harms

Wormwood: The Parasite-Killing, Cancer-Fighting Super Herb

Iodine Truth and Lies

Wet Wipes Increase Your Child’s Risk of Allergies

Autism Vaccine Injury Diet Cures