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Fauci to resign from government after more than five decades of murdering people in the name of “science”

Mass murderer Tony Fauci of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) has announced that he is stepping down from his post come December, marking the end of his nearly 40-year reign of terror as a “public servant.”

In a statement dated August 22, Fauci wrote that he is leaving his position later this year “to pursue the next chapter of my career,” boasting about all of the notches under his belt over the past 38 years as head of the NIAID – and for more than a decade before that in other government positions.


FAUCI FALSE FLAG: Retirement Part of Plot to Coverup Crimes

7th Formerly Healthy Young Canadian Doctor to Die Within a 2-Week Period: 26-Year-Old Neurosurgeon

The top-read article on Health Impact News every day for the past 18 days, is the article about 6 Canadian doctors, all young and healthy, who died within a 2-week period, and coincides with at least one major Canadian hospital that mandated a 4th COVID booster vaccine for their employees. See:

6 Canadian Medical Doctors Died Within 2 Weeks After 4th COVID Booster Shots for Employees Started at One Hospital

Jim Hoft, from Gateway Pundit, has now published the news about a 7th doctor death within that 2-week time frame, 26-year-old Dr. Ryan Buyting, a neurosurgery resident at Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Again, as with the other deaths of previously young and healthy doctors, no link to the COVID-19 vaccine was mentioned by the media, but Canadian medical schools reportedly require all students and residents to be fully vaccinated.

10,000 people A DAY being killed by covid vaccines; worldwide fatalities likely larger than the HOLOCAUST

Covid vaccines are currently killing an estimated 10,000 people a day worldwide, with total fatalities likely in the 5 – 12 million range. These numbers come from rigorous analysis of mortality data (excess deaths) following the introduction of covid vaccines in early 2021. Because excess deaths are very difficult for governments to hide, these excess deaths are emerging as the smoking gun for overall vaccine deaths.

Doctors & Others Speak Out

JABBED UNTIL DEATH: Endless mRNA jabs are now planned for multiple vaccine types, including influenza, HIV, RSV, Pneumococcal, Zika and many more

Now that pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer and Moderna have caused widespread immunosuppression using covid mRNA vaccines, there will soon be a surge of new infections and a gold-rush for new mRNA vaccines. Pharmaceutical companies have already positioned themselves to capitalize on upcoming infections and illnesses that will inevitably plague an excessively immunocompromised population.

mRNA ‘Vaccines’ Induce Vascular and Organ Damage

A recent report from Michael Palmer, MD and Sucharit Bhakdi, MD “summarizes evidence from experimental studies and from autopsies of patients deceased after vaccination.”

Their collective findings demonstrated:

  1. mRNA vaccines don’t stay at the injection site by instead travel throughout the body and accumulate in various organs,
  2. mRNA-based COVID vaccines induce long-lasting expression of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein in many organs,
  3. vaccine-induced expression of the spike protein induces autoimmune-like inflammation,
  4. vaccine-induced inflammation can cause grave organ damage, especially in vessels, sometimes with deadly outcome.

CDC finally recognizes right of “individuals” to make their own health choices – no more forced covid vaccinations or quarantines

 New guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has put an end to mandatory Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “vaccination” – at least as far as the CDC is concerned.

No longer is the CDC urging or trying to force everyone in the “herd” to get jabbed. From now on, it is up to the individuals to make the choice for themselves without the government telling them what to do.

Why are so many “fully vaccinated” people catching COVID a second time? Because “long covid” is code for jab damage

The corporate-controlled media is warning that people everywhere are “catching” the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) a second or even third time – even though most, if not all, of them are “fully vaccinated.”

They are calling it “long covid,” a term that has been in use for a while now to describe people who get and stay sick with “covid” for very long periods of time, despite obeying the government’s mask and jab guidelines.

RNA for Moderna’s Omicron Booster Manufactured by CIA-Linked Company

Earlier this week, the United Kingdom became the first country to approve Moderna’s reformulated version of its COVID-19 vaccine, which claims to provide protection against both the original form of the virus and the significantly less lethal but more transmissible Omicron variant.

The product was approved by the UK’s Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) with the support of the UK government’s Commission on Human Medicines.

Described by UK officials as a “sharpened tool” in the nation’s continued vaccination campaign, the reformulated vaccine combines the previously approved COVID-19 vaccine with a “vaccine candidate” targeting the Omicron variant BA.1.

CDC Pushes for Hybrid “CovidPox” Vaccine

The mainstream media’s vitriol of President Donald J. Trump has of late supplanted its second favorite topic, trying to scare shitless the people who still believe Covid-19 is a threat to the nation. But absence of media coverage hasn’t stopped the CDC’s vile director, Rochelle Walensky, from pushing forth a new agenda that could sicken or kill even more millions of gullible Americans—she has advocated for the creation of a “CovidPox” vaccine, a hybrid drug that, she says, will inoculate citizens against both emerging strains of Covid and Monkeypox.

Aerosolized “vaccines” to be sprayed on human cities for global depopulation

Must Watch Steve Kirsch Analysis: The Covid Hoax is Collapsing

Quebec will offer 5th dose of COVID-19 vaccine to all adults as of Aug. 29




Jabbed Pilots Are A Flying Risk To Passengers

U.S. Government Deleted Covid-19 Data at Behest of Chinese Researchers. Now, a Judge Has Ordered NIH to Turn Over Missing Docs


STUNNING: Almost 30% Of Young Adults in This Country Suffer Heart Damage From Vax

SHOCKING: White Embalmer Clots Are Self Assembling Circuits

Doctor Pierre Gilbert 1995 —- Magnetic Vaccine(english subtitle)

Activation Date for Armies of the Vaxxed

NATURE journal reveals how graphene can be used to assemble radio frequency electronics in biological systems

COVID vaccine propaganda busted – High deaths and cancers

Scientists Around the World Discover Toxic Non-Disclosed Ingredients in the COVid VAXXines!

Dr Northrup vs Forced Drugs & Depopulation: Let’s Bring This Ongoing FELONY HOMICIDE Program DOWN!

Australian News is Starting to Tell the Truth about the Vaccines

Govt Database Reveals 10,000% Increase in Cancer Reports Linked to COVID Vaccines

UK Govt Statistics Indicate 1 in Every 482 Vaccinated People Died within 1 Month of Taking the Vaccine

Emergency Broadcast!! Lancet Medical Journal Confirms Covid Vax Causes Collapse of Human Autoimmune System

EXPOSED: They Knew About The Pandemic and Vaccine Way Back At The 2012 Olympics!

Government data show that 1 out of every 246 covid vaccinated people DIES within 60 days

Largest hospital systevm REMOVES popular medical report about the rapid progression of Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease in double-vaccinated patient

Covid vaccination linked to new and recurrent cancer – the jabs cause severe damage to the immune system

Here is the List of Countries to Report on COVID-19 Vaccination Adverse Reactions

CDC admits YOU GOT SUCKERED if you believed the COVID lies!

Covid vaccine trials led to birth defects and terminated pregnancies, FOIA requests show