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Attorney: Pfizer Vaccine Whistleblower False Claims Suit Payout could Reach $3.3 trillion “It would be enough to bankrupt Pfizer,”

Pfizer cannot use the government as a shield from liability for making false claims about its COVID-19 vaccine, lawyers for a whistleblower argued in response to Pfizer’s motion to dismiss a False Claims Act lawsuit.

“Respondents claim fraudulent certifications, false statements, doctored data, contaminated clinical trials, and firing of whistleblowers can be ignored based on the theory that they contracted their way around the fraud,” lawyers for Brook Jackson, who worked as regional director at one of the clinical trials used to develop the Pfizer vaccine, wrote in their Aug. 22 response.

“A drug company cannot induce the taxpayers to pay billions of dollars for a product,” they countered, “that honest data would show poses more risks than benefits, and that ignores the actual contract and the law itself.”

8-Year-Old Boy Dies of Sudden Cardiac Arrest

“Back in January, Jasper Bryan Cook woke up at home with shortness of breath and was found to be in cardiac arrest when ambulance paramedics arrived at his home in Birkenshaw, near Bradford. The eight-year-old was then rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary but could not be saved, leaving his family and friends devastated.

Another athlete drops dead: Cyclist Rab Wardell dies two days after winning Scottish title

Mountain biker Rab Wardell has died in his sleep aged 37 – just two days after winning the Scottish championship.

Wardell won the elite men’s title at the Scottish MTB XC Championships in Dumfries and Galloway at the weekend.

The rider appeared on BBC Scotland’s The Nine programme on Monday evening, describing how he had overcome three punctures to win the race.

7 US troops reveal injuries from mandated COVID vaccines

This week, documents from seven U.S. military service members, including multiple pilots, revealed concerning medical conditions they’ve developed or witnessed upon taking the military-mandated COVID-19 vaccine.

In a report compiling their statements together for Congress, the pilots and other service members detailed injuries including strokes, an inability to see clearly months after receiving the shot and heart conditions like Pericarditis. The report was shared on Thursday by Liberty Counsel, an organization that has supported servicemembers who have requested religious accommodations to the vaccines.

Doctors & Others Speak Out

Doctors baffled by Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS) in healthy young people

Sudden Adult Death Syndrome, or Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS), is an “umbrella term to describe unexpected deaths in young people” and this ‘mysterious’ syndrome is said to have left doctors in Australia searching for more answers.

This has led doctors at Melbourne’s Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute to create the country’s first SADS registry which they hope to roll out across the country in order to gain more information about this sudden death phenomenon.

Why the COVID Jab Should Be Banned for Pregnant Women


  • Since the rollout of the experimental COVID shots, U.S. health officials have adamantly claimed the shots are safe for pregnant women and their unborn babies
  • Meanwhile, now-released Pfizer court-ordered, released data — which the Food and Drug Administration wanted to hide for 75 years — reveal the miscarriage rate among women whose pregnancy outcomes were known was 87.5%. The true rate may be higher or lower, as Pfizer did not record or report pregnancy outcomes for 238 of the 274 women known to be pregnant during the trial
  • A CDC-sponsored study that was widely used to support the claim that the shot is safe during pregnancy misreported the data. The actual miscarriage rate in that paper was 82%
  • As of August 12, 2022, the U.S. Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting (VAERS) database listed 4,941 miscarriages post-COVID jab. For comparison, the fetal death reports for all other vaccines reported to VAERS in the last 30 years is 2,239
  • Israeli research found the Pfizer COVID jab impairs male fertility for three months after each dose, dropping sperm concentration by 15.4% and total motile count by 22.1%, compared to baseline




Politicians and others – and David Martin names names – are still participating in the cover-up of a jab largely designed before the pandemic began. This fact-filled interview with Stew Peters from July 19th 2021 is shown in full.

The Numbers DON’T Lie—The Plague Of The ‘Vaccinated’ Continues

Our arguments were suppressed and our sources were deemed ‘not trustworthy’ by the state censors and their corporate overlords. Despite this, the numbers continue to paint a picture that supports our position.

A recent investigation from the Epoch Times reinforced the claim that those vaccinated against Covid-19 run a higher risk for contraction, hospitalization, and death in at least half of the states in the U.S.

British Government Begins Payout to COVID-19 Jab Damage Victims

“The United Kingdom has rolled out a financial compensation program for individuals and families who have been harmed by the COVID-19 vaccine, despite repeated claims by U.S. corporate media entities denying any negative health impacts of the vaccines,” The National Pulse reported. 

CDC Backtracks on Guidance as Damning Studies Mount

On August 11, 2022, the CDC reversed its COVID-19 guidelines and made new recommendations that included people taking personal responsibility for their own prevention against COVID; rescinding discrimination against the unvaccinated; discontinuing testing of asymptomatic people, redefining isolation recommendations, and limiting contact tracing. The relaxed guidelines are likely being used by Democrats to gain political favor before the mid-term elections. Dr. Mercola points out that the CDC’s reversal could be a political ploy for people to let down their guard, only to have the new approach replaced with more stringent policies after the election. A strategy of tyranny is to use inconsistent waves of coercion instead of constant high-pressure totalitarianism to create confusion and fear. The British National Health Service (NHS) is planning its biggest vaccination drive in the Fall and the FDA is recommending new shots at the same time. Dr. Mercola gives examples of COVID shots causing depopulation in vaccinated people and fetal deaths.


CDC Backtracks on COVID Guidance — Is It a Political Ploy?

White House COVID Coordinator Walks Back 6′ Social Distancing Rule

Dr. Ashish Jha, the White House Coronavirus Response Coordinator, reported during a press conference that there was no evidence to support the 6-foot social distancing rule. He said, “A lot of time [was spent]  talking about six feet of distance, 15 minutes of being together. We realize that’s actually not the right way to think about this.” Last September, Dr. Scott Gottlieb, the former Food and Drug Administration commissioner, disclosed that the six feet rule was actually “made up.” The CDC is backtracking on its policies as the COVID narrative falls apart.

Studies Show Fertility Rates Plummet Worldwide Following COVID-19 Vaccines

A presentation recently made by Dr. Christof Plothe, a German Doctor of Osteopathy who is also a member of the World Council for Health, reveals the most startling evidence yet that COVID vaccines are causing massive cases of infertility, not just among women, but men also.

Combined with the record volume of deaths and disabilities among the COVID-19 vaccinated, the future implications of what this vaccine has done to the human population and labor pool, is almost unfathomable.

This information is NOT being reported in the corporate media, and to reference it is to be labeled as someone providing “disinformation” by most.

FAA Whistleblower to Publicly Present Testimony on Zoom TODAY

A major development is breaking in the fight to restore the catastrophic damage COVID-19 jab mandates caused the aviation industry.

On Tuesday, August 30th, senior FAA official Bruce McGray will publicly present, for the first time, his sworn declaration and supporting exhibits against the agency for its involvement in the vaccine mandate and the resultant fallout.

Rockefeller Foundation project invests $7.2 million to push COVID-19 injections

An initiative funded in part by the Rockefeller Foundation is investing an initial $7.2 million in behavioral research focused on convincing more people to get the COVID-19 injections, the foundation announced last week. 

The initiative is called The Mercury Project, run by the Social Science Research Council (SSRC). In September 2021, the SSRC received a three-year $7.5 million grant from the Rockefeller Foundation “toward the costs of launching a research consortium to drive acceptance and uptake of Covid-19 vaccination efforts and provide insights to counter health mis- and dis- information.” The grant will fund research through August 31, 2024. 

The Rockefeller Foundation is a globalist organization founded by oil magnate and robber baron John D. Rockefeller in 1913. Since then, the foundation has influenced many of the world’s largest and most powerful institutions, including the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health.  

The foundation’s $7.5 million grant to SSRC for the Mercury Project remains the lion’s share of a total $10.25 million also granted by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Craig Newmark Philanthropies, and the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.

Death by Graphene Oxide

Trump Responds to Alex Jones Covid Vax Challenge

Trump was right: Pfizer was pressured to hold back announcement of new COVID vaccine until after the 2020 election

Evidence of Depopulation

Europe officially records shocking 691% increase in Excess Deaths among Children since EMA first approved COVID Shot for Children

How glyphosate makes covid vaccines MORE DEADLY

Confirmed: New Study Reveals Disposable Face Masks Contain Four Times the Acceptable Carcinogen Exposure Levels

OBEY: US government paying behavioral science influence groups to generate new “interventions” to brainwash more Americans into taking covid vaccines

New and expanded EUA protects maker of monkeypox vaccine, permits use in high-risk children

They’re free to keep on killing us, as long as we keep thinking that they couldn’t be that evil

VAERS COVID Vaccine Adverse Event Reports

COVID Vaccine Reports in Children

The Newborns Are Not Alright: Billions Of Babies Will Inherit Spike Protein Genes

Must Watch Debate on the COVID-19 Vaccine: Robert Kennedy vs. Alan Dershowitz

DC Judge Rules Against Mayor Muriel Bowser’s ‘Unlawful’ Vax Mandate


Quadruple Vaxxed Jill Biden Infected with Covid AGAIN in ‘Rebound’ Case After Taking Paxlovid

Medicine Regulators in October 2020: COVID Shots cause Heart Damage, Blood Clots, harm to Children & Death

DC School Districts Impose COVID Vaccine Mandates, Unvaccinated Will Be Barred From Attendance + More

Scientists: All COVID Vaccines, “Without Exception” Contain Metallic Toxins

Alarming Research About the Vaccine Coming Out

BEYOND STUPID: China begins testing fresh fish, crabs, prawns for coronavirus germs as covid theater reaches insane new levels

New Law Punishes Doctors Who Challenge the Established Narrative on COVID-19

Jonathan Landsman warns of 1000% increase in some CANCERS since covid clot shots released


Graphene is now being put into products marketed to women. You will see these products power lightbulbs in a simple experiment, what their effects could be, and which brands of these magnetic products to avoid. These products could gradually impair reproduction and sexual pleasure over the longterm.


Heavy metals, graphene, and other strange elements found by accredited labs world-wide that cause vascular obstruction by self-assembling structures that are NOT blood clots and are NOT made of living tissues.

FACT: If you got a “Fauci Ouchi”, it is only a matter of time before you DIE.