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Former Pfizer VP Dr. Mike Yeadon says COVID-19 pandemic never really happened as was claimed

For former Pfizer Vice President Dr. Mike Yeadon, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic never really happened.

“There never was a viral pandemic of a novel pathogen. I don’t believe there has been a novel cause of significant illness and death, other than our government’s responses to the fake ‘pandemic,’” he said. “The deaths that we saw, I’m afraid, were medical malpractice at best and murder at worst. Basically, we were lied to from the beginning.”

The former Pfizer executive said health authorities have lied about the public health emergency, as well as the necessity and usefulness of the measures to address COVID-19.

“They lied to us about absolutely everything,” he said. “They lied to us about the magnitude of the public health emergency which never existed. They lied to us about the necessity of having measures like lockdowns, mass testing, social distancing, masks and it goes on and on.” (Related: BOMBSHELL: Former Pfizer executive says covid-19 “pandemic is over,” so-called “second wave” based on fraudulent testing.)

According to Yeadon, every single one of those mandates was known to be ineffective because they fail to stem the transmission.

Yeadon, formerly the chief scientific officer of allergy and respiratory at the New York-based drug giant, said he had spent a long time looking at what was going on in early 2020. He zeroed in on the PCR tests, the absurdity of the COVID-19 lockdowns, and the worries about the COVID-19 injections.

Surge in Severe Myocarditis Among Newborns

Nine of the cases tested positive for a type of enterovirus, which usually causes no symptoms or flu-like signs.

However, experts are baffled as to what has caused the sudden spike. Health chiefs in Wales are probing the reasons behind the cases and will investigate any further cases that are reported in the coming weeks.

Previous outbreaks among children, including panic around Strep A last winter, were blamed on lockdowns weakening immunity against the usually harmless bugs.

No cases of severe myocarditis have been spotted since March. However, cases appear to have peaked last November.

Ten cases have been detected in Wales, compared with just one in the previous six years.

The WHO, which issued the alert last night, labelled the cluster ‘unusual’ and said it may be recommended that childcare facilities and schools are closed if cases surge.

Out of the affected babies, one has died. Eight were treated in intensive care, where they were intubated, put on a ventilator and received circulatory support.

Musculoskeletal Adverse Events of Special Interest Afflicted 8.5% of Patients in Pfizer’s Post-Marketing Data

The War Room/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Analysis Project Post-Marketing Group (Team 1) – Barbara Gehrett, MD; Joseph Gehrett, MD; Chris Flowers, MD; and Loree Britt – wrote a review of musculoskeletal adverse events of special interest (AESIs) found in Pfizer document 5.3.6 Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of PF-07302048 (BNT162B2) Received Through 28-FEB-2021 (a.k.a., “5.3.6“).  This group of AESIs include diagnoses of arthralgia (joint pain), arthritis (joint inflammation), arthritis/bacterial, chronic fatigue syndrome, polyarthritis (inflammation of multiple joints), post-viral fatigue syndrome, and rheumatoid arthritis (an autoimmune and inflammatory disease).

It is important to note that the AESIs in the 5.3.6 document were reported to Pfizer for only a 90-day period starting on December 1, 2020, the date of the United Kingdom’s public rollout of Pfizer’s COVID-19 experimental mRNA “vaccine” product.


The news of Dr Buttar’s death has sent a wave of shock around the world and naturally, people are asking questions.

How can a middle-aged healthy doctor in the prime of his wisdom – a teacher of cutting-edge healing who has saved or improved the lives of many, if not millions – die so suddenly?

Dr Buttar was one of the Disinformation Dozen, a group of twelve individuals identified as responsible for up to 65% of all anti-vaccine content circulating on social media platforms.

The ‘Disinformation Dozen’ is a blacklist, or hitlist, made public.

Those on this list have released critical alternative information skirting the near-strangle grip of the pharma-industrial complex, threatening not only billions in profits, but the humanicidal plans of a tiny minority of superrich madmen.

They are Lying to You! Dr. McCullough Sounds the Alarms on mRNA in Your Food

While the left-wing media tells the American people that there is nothing to worry about, Dr. Peter McCullough, an outspoken critic of COVID-19 mandates and jabs, uncovered an alarming scientific study coming from the Chinese researchers Quan Zhang et al. innocuously titled: “An oral vaccine for SARS-CoV-2 RBD mRNA-bovine milk-derived exosomes induces a neutralizing antibody response in vivo.”

As someone who treated myocarditis patients on the frontline, Dr. McCullough’s warnings about this should be listened to carefully…

Dr. Ryan Cole: Spike protein in mRNA vaccines causes unusual clumping in the bloodstream

Board-certified pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole talked about how the spike protein in Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) mRNA vaccines trigger unusual clumping in the bloodstream at a recent White Coat Summit.

“So, this is really unusual in clotting mechanisms,” Cole explained. “To see something like this and a protein that will do this in the absence of other things that are usually necessary for a clot is very unusual. And again, concerning.”

In relation to this, Dr. Resia Pretorius from South Africa showed that spike protein can cause proteins to clump together if you take platelets out of the blood.

Covid was mild and barely killed anyone – ventilator-acquired pneumonia - killed millions

New research out of Northwestern University in Illinois has confirmed that most of the pre-“vaccine” deaths that occurred in the early days of the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) “pandemic” were caused by ventilators, and specifically ventilator-acquired pneumonia, rather than the “virus.”

SARS-CoV-2, it turns out, was relatively mild the entire time, afflicting most people with little more than a cold or sniffles. The establishment health system, however, was told and incentivized to make it appear like another black plague, which sent countless millions to an early grave through the “treatment” modalities they were offered.


Ventilators Killed Nearly ALL COVID Patients — Study

Spike proteins in COVID-19 vaccines can cause brain damage, neurosurgeon reveals

Retired American neurosurgeon Russell Blaylock recently shared his shocking discovery that the spike proteins, induced by the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine, can cause neurological damage.

“When there’s systemic inflammation or any kind of trauma occurs in the body, it produces inflammation and activation of the immune system. This sends a signal to the brain within minutes and starts activating the microglia, which is the inflammatory, cytotoxic cell in the brain,” Blaylock explained.

Biden’s new NIH director nominee, who was selected by Fauci, received $290 million in grant funding from Pfizer

The White House has nominated a Pfizer-tied doctor to become the next director of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).

In a statement released by the White House, President Biden declared Dr. Monica Bertagnolli “a world-class physician-scientist whose vision and leadership will ensure NIH continues to be an engine of innovation to improve the health of the American people.”

Many Pregnant Women Were Forced to Get COVID Shots. Here’s What Happened to Them

While a typical vaccine must undergo 10 to 12 years of trials before it’s released, during the pandemic, COVID-19 shots were made available to the public just 10 months after development, courtesy of an Emergency Use Authorization.

Even pregnant women were subjected to the shots, and in many cases were mandated to receive them.

“The pushing of these experimental COVID-19 vaccines globally is the greatest violation of medical ethics in the history of medicine, maybe humanity,” Dr. James Thorp, a maternal-fetal medicine expert, told Tucker Carlson (see video below).

PHARMACEUTICAL FRAUD: Big Pharma’s corporate lawlessness cost Americans over $40B in 2019 alone

A recently released collaborative report by two advocate organizations revealed that Big Pharma’s aggressive and often unlawful efforts to prevent competition and keep drug prices elevated have cost American patients, insurers and federal health programs more than $40 billion in 2019 alone.

The report, released on May 16 by the American Economic Liberties Project (AELP) and the Initiative for Medicines, Access and Knowledge (I-MAK), zeroed in on the pharmaceutical giants’ antitrust law violations. According to AELP and I-MAK, these are the main reasons why drug prices in America are skyrocketing at record-high levels compared to those of other rich nations.

“American families are paying far too much for prescription drugs, in large part due to rampant corporate lawlessness,” said…

“Beijing hid the truth:” Marco Rubio publishes covid report

The reason why the Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) appeared out of nowhere and destroyed the world is because of “a serious biosafety incident” that occurred in China. This is the claim of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, a Republican, who compiled a report about it that was just released publicly.

Unvaxxed Rhode Island teachers win their jobs back after getting fired...

Barrington Public Schools in Rhode Island is offering to rehire and pay tens of thousands of dollars to a trio of teachers it fired for refusing COVID-19 vaccination, in another victory for religious liberty and conscientious objection.

Rhode Island Supreme Court sides with mom who forced kids to get...

Two children in Rhode Island have been vaccinated for COVID-19 against their father’s wishes and despite having acquired natural immunity from prior infection after the state’s Supreme Court sided with their mother’s demands that they receive the shots in a case stemming from the couple’s divorce.

NYC to begin tracking food purchases to make sure residents don’t...

Just as he promised to do, New York City Mayor Eric Adams, a left-wing Democrat, is going after people’s meat with new plans to save the world from “climate change” by forcing everyone to become a “plant-based” vegetarian or vegan.

Flesh-eating “zombie drug” tranq now FLOODING the streets of Los Angeles

The flesh-eating “zombie drug” xylazine, known by its street name “tranq,” has now saturated the streets of Los Angeles.

Xylazine is approved in the U.S. for use in cows and horses. It began flooding the illicit drug market in recent years, with…

Big Pharma’s corporate lawlessness cost Americans over $40B in 2019 alone

A recently released collaborative report by two advocate organizations revealed that Big Pharma’s aggressive and often unlawful efforts to prevent competition and keep drug prices elevated have cost American patients, insurers and federal health programs more than $40 billion in 2019 alone.

No Bake Lemon Cake!

Health Benefits of No Bake Lemon Cake

  • Supports a healthy heart
  • Supports healthy brain functions
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Supports the immune system
  • Supports optimal energy levels
  • Supports healthy eye function
  • Supports healthy digestion

Prepper recipes: How to make bread without an oven like the pioneers did

Preppers can learn a lot from the pioneers who survived without modern technology and many of the useful tools that make life much easier, like power tools and modern survival gear.

In the past, pioneers learned how to make bread without an oven.

  • Bannock bread

  • Bread on a stick

  • Hoe cake

  • No oven bread rolls

Gretchen Whitmer signs law intended to force companies to pay for...

Radical pro-abortion Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed a law earlier this week amending civil rights law in Michigan to include legal protections for abortion.

The law, S.B. 147, passed along party lines in both houses of the Michigan legislature, amends the Elliot-Larsen Civil Rights Act by prohibiting Michigan employers from firing or retaliating against employees as a result of an elective abortion. The law previously applied only to abortions for alleged threats to…

California backs down on forcing doctors to participate in...

California has backed down on enforcing a law requiring medical practitioners to participate in physician-assisted suicides against their will and has agreed to pay $300,000 to the Christian medical professionals who took the state to court.

Nevada advances bill to enshrine abortion in state constitution

Legislation to enshrine a right to abortion through all nine months of pregnancy, up until the moment of birth, is moving forward in Nevada.

Montana bans dismemberment abortions, enacts new limits on...

Montana Republican Gov. Greg Gianforte signed measures into law this week to place new restrictions on abortion facilities and abortion funding, as well as prohibit grisly dismemberment abortion procedures.

A Surprising Reason Why You May Need More Carbs in Your Diet


  • A ketogenic diet can be very useful initially when transitioning people who are metabolically inflexible. However, continuing in ketosis long term can lead to problems, including stubborn weight gain or the inability to lose unwanted weight
  • The reason for this has to do with cortisol. Your body needs glucose, and when deprived for too long, your body will release cortisol to stimulate the production of glucose by your liver. Cortisol also promotes inflammation and central obesity, so you don’t want chronically elevated cortisol levels
  • Your metabolic rate is strongly affected by the type of sugar you consume. High fructose corn syrup promotes ill health while whole fruit, raw honey and pure organic cane sugar are readily metabolized without promoting weight gain
  • When adding in more carbs, you also need to reduce your fat intake to avoid elevating your triglycerides
  • Restricting dietary fat and/or blocking the oxidation of fat inside of the cell have strong therapeutic effects against cancer by forcing the cell out of its excessive fatty acid oxidation state

How Linoleic Acid Wrecks Your Health


  • Linoleic acid (LA) makes up the bulk — about 60% to 80% — of omega-6 and is the primary contributor to nearly all chronic diseases. While considered an essential fat, when consumed in excessive amounts, LA acts as a metabolic poison
  • Polyunsaturated fats such as LA are highly susceptible to oxidation, which means the fat breaks down into harmful subcomponents. OXLAMS (oxidated LA metabolites) are what cause the damage
  • Over the last 150 years, the LA in the human diet has increased from about 2 to 3 grams a day to 30 or 40 grams. LA used to make up 1% to 3% of the energy in the human diet and now it makes up 15% to 20%
  • The omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is also very important, but simply increasing the amount of omega-3 that you eat is ill advised. You really need to minimize your omega-6 to prevent damage
  • At a molecular level, excess LA consumption damages your metabolism and impedes your body’s ability to generate energy in your mitochondria

Can You "Catch" Alzheimer's Disease?


  • Until very recently, it was considered official and proven that Alzheimer’s Disease is non-infectious and caused by amyloid plaques
  • Last year, the news came out that the foundational study on Alzheimer’s that had been driving the overall direction of research in the past two decades had been based on fraud
  • The new emerging theory proposes that Alzheimer’s Disease may be triggered by pathogens, and amyloid plaques may form as an immune response
  • However, it is important to the remember that even if a pathogen or a group of pathogens is truly involved in triggering the symptoms of Alzheimer’s Disease, the mainstream narrative will be inevitably twisted in favor of pushing for more vaccines