Wet Wall Construction

Greenhouse Construction

Large Floating Grow Beds

Fish Room

Main Grow Bed Room

Vegetables Grown in Lava Beeds

Greenhouse Details

Specs: 30 foot wide by 72 foot long by 10 foot high

Asking Price: $4,000. This price is negotiable. This price includes hoops, interior, metal tubing, sheet metal all around the greenhouse, railroad ties used in front and back, the two skins covering the greenhouse and wet wall structure attached to the side of the greenhouse. If the buy is interested in the large grow beds, lava stones used in the smallr grow beds, this too is negotiable.


This greenhouse is roughly 10 years old. It has been in operation for roughly 4 to 5 years and then, I shut it down due to finances. Many different things have been grown in this greenhouse. For someone who wants or needs a large greenhouse, this is the one for you.

All the images you see above are from the days when it was operational. We were just getting started. We had some things planted at the time these pictures were taken.

Greenhouse Skins:

There are two skins on this greenhouse. We connected a blower to the inside close to the wet wall to blow air between the two skins to help insulate the interior from the exterior.

As you can see from the Left Side View above, both the inner and outer skin is damaged. Most of the outer skin is okay except for this area in front. If you decide to shorten the length of this greenhouse, you can shorten it to be able to use what is good.

Inner Greenhouse Skin:

The inner skin is damaged. It can be repaired to make it usable once again.

Small Grow Beds:

You will see some small grow beds that are painted black with a lime green trim. These grow beds are not for sale. They belong to someone else and he wants to retain the totes. The large grow beds and the smaller ones made from wood are for sale.

Large Grow Beds:

There are two sizes of large grow beds. We used a black thick rubber lining in the largest grow beds.

Smaller Grow Beds:

The small grow beds are constructed from wood and lined with a thin plastic liner.


If you are interested in this greenhouse, please contact:

Eddie Rogers, Minister, D.D.
Text to: 214-738-7096
Or email: