Twenty five U.S. corporations pledge to FUND ABORTIONS for their employees, but won’t give money to employee moms who decide to HAVE their babies

Real life demons are out in full force in America, enraged because they won’t be able to legally murder as many human babies as they have been for decades. In the heart of America’s insane LGBTQ-vial-leftist metropolitan city of Seattle, the naked demons came out to parade for the children they groom each day for sin and murder. In droves they walked, cycled, paraded and urinated in front of all the children in the name of baby murder rights that have been stripped from them in the recent Supreme Court undoing of Roe v. Wade. So now, all the hard-Left corporations have declared their undying support and money to pay for any mother living in a US state that won’t allow abortions, to travel to a libtard state, all expenses paid, to murder their baby and sacrifice the fetus to Satan.

Cases of Potentially Deadly Parechovirus in Infants Are Surging

Parechovirus, a virus that can cause severe illness in infants, is on the rise in parts of the United States.

Twenty-nine infants were admitted to the Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville this year, which includes 23 admitted during a six-week period this spring, according to a new study. By contrast, only 19 cases were detected over five months in 2018.

Why Educated Parents ARE Concerned About EMFs

“Should You Worry About EMFs and Radio-Frequency Fields? Unpacking the Data” was published on July 25 by Emily Oster, an economist and author of 3 parenting books. According to her website, “Oster’s books analyze the data behind choices in pregnancy and parenting.”

Her goal: creating a world of more relaxed pregnant women and parents.”

The article Should You Worry About EMFs and Radio-Frequency Fields? Unpacking the data  appears to be designed to support her goal of relaxing parents, by assuring them not to worry about cell phones and power lines.

Mercola: Drug industry is trying to use Congress to take over supplements and regulate them out of existence

Health freedom is under attack in a new way. Illinois Senator Richard Durbin (D) is the sponsor of a new regulatory proposal -the Dietary Supplement Listing Act of 2022. This regulatory nightmare would give the pharmaceutical industry (FDA) more control over nutritional supplements, allowing the Food and Drug Administration to regulate many out of existence.

Under the new legislation, nutritional, food-based and herbal supplements would be required to undergo the same pre-market approval process as drugs – limiting access and driving up the cost of some of the most basic nutrients and superfoods.


Coconut Flour Pancakes Recipe

These Coconut Flour Pancakes are prepared with nutrition-rich coconut flour, with not a grain in sight. The coconut sugar and applesauce give the coconut flour pancakes a little added sweetness the all-natural way. In fact, you likely have everything on hand to make these right now!

Salt and Pepper Chicken

Have you ever ordered salt and pepper chicken before? It’s a fantastic Chinese stir-fry dish that’s ready in about half an hour, and really easy to make at home. A generous blend of salt and freshly-crushed peppercorns gives each bite plenty of flavor, while Chinese five spice adds an unforgettable spicy fragrance and taste.

Grilled Blackened Chicken

When the weather warms up, I love making dinner on the grill. There’s no need to wait for a football game or special occasion! Honestly, just the thought of making a flavorful meal that doesn’t heat up the whole kitchen is enough of a reason, in my book.

Grilling also produces super tasty charred results. In this case, we’re putting that char to extra-appropriate use: by blackening some chicken!

Baked Crispy Potato Chicken

This recipe is adapted from one I found in a magazine to make it a little easier. It has less fat and fewer calories than fried chicken, with plenty of crispy flavor.

Delicious Keto Lasagna Recipe (with Zucchini Noodles)

Now, if you’re enjoying the low-carb lifestyle—or at least the results in how you look, feel, and the weight on the scale, you may wonder if you can ever enjoy this traditional dish again. You know I’ve got you! I’ve taken my traditional recipe and made some small food substitutions (like my other healthy zucchini recipes), so you can enjoy this Italian indulgence without the heavy weight of excess refined carbs. You will love this keto lasagna recipe. You can thank me later!

Healthier Slow Cooker Chicken Taco Soup

You can call this soup or chili, but either way it is wonderful! This recipe is also very adaptable to your personal taste. This healthier version includes more fresh veggies/herbs and uses seasoning mix from the Healthier Taco Seasoning I recipe on this website. Serve topped with a variety of reduced-fat options.

2 Ingredient Crepes {Macedonian-Style Crepes}

You’ll love these 2 Ingredient Crepes, which are light, fluffy, and delicate Crepes made with just 2 ingredients including, all-purpose flour and carbonated water. Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, but definitely NOT taste-free!

If you have always wanted to make crepes, but were scared that you couldn’t whip up these pancakes like the creperies in France, this recipe is exactly what you need to get started.