Ghana Prepares for Possible First-Ever Marburg Virus Outbreak — Causing a ‘Ghost-like’ Appearance

“Preliminary findings of two Marburg virus cases have prompted Ghana to prepare for a potential outbreak of the disease,” the UN said in a statement. “If confirmed, these would the first such infections recorded in the country, and only the second in West Africa.”

Fake meat grown in labs might make investors rich, but it’s a nightmare for human health

The inputs used to make cell-cultured “meat,” which can hardly be called meat at all, are so unknown in terms of their effects on the human body that it truly is a crime against humanity for the stuff to be gradually making its way into the food supply.

Currently, fake meat is only available to consumers in Singapore. But there are effects to get it into the meat cases in North America and elsewhere in the not-too-distant future, which worries Michael Hansen, a senior staff scientist at Consumer Reports.

Junk DNA: Your Hyperdimensional Doorway to Transformation

We will cast an eye to the concept of systematic conscious intervention in our own evolution, using the transformative capacities of sound to re-write non-coding “junk” DNA, and return our consciousness to its natural harmonic state and unity awareness. It is time to re-tune ourselves to the frequencies of wholeness, abundance, serenity, and bliss that are our birthright, but which our current mutant paradigm has veered us away from.

The end of meat? Dutch “green” policies force dairy farmer to cull 95% of his herd

One dairy farmer by the name of Martin Neppelenbroek says the government expects him to cull his herd by 95 percent, leaving him with too few head to survive.