Military Sting Catches 100 Criminal Covid Doctors

A White Hat sting to expose vaccine-loving physicians resulted in the arrest of 100 providers figuratively foaming at the mouth to jab Navy JAG and Army CID investigators posing as patients.

As reported earlier this month, the U.S. Navy Judge Advocate General’s Corps is holding sealed indictments on at least 19,000 physicians who conspired with the CDC/NIH to frighten patients into getting the clot shot. A JAG source told Real Raw News that this week’s sting is independent of those indictments.

On Monday investigators of the joint task force began scheduling appointments with random physicians across 12 states, establishing themselves as new patients needing a physical exam. Some task force members told receptionists they felt perfectly healthy but hadn’t had a physical in years. Others complained about mild maladies—sore throats, sniffles, stomach aches, etc. A few frantically said they had Covid and were sure of it even though home-testing showed negative results. They all posed as uninsured, cash-paying patients using counterfeit identification.

The Untried and the Dead: David Axelrod

As reported in April 2022, U.S. Marines under Gen. Berger’s command apprehended former Obama strategist David Axelrod near his Chicago condominium. At the time, we had no details on the charges against him or what punishment he might face. A source at Guantanamo Bay recently pulled Axelrod’s file and shared information on what led to his arrest and his final fate.

The military had opened an investigation on Axelrod in February 2022, after receiving tips suggesting that his role as Obama’s political strategist was a pretextual and convenient cover for the depraved duty he performed: selecting underage boys for Obama to sexually molest.

According to our source, the military’s evidence included a video of Axelrod offering underage boys the opportunity to personally meet and dine with Barack Hussein Obama at the White House. Obama’s prey, he said, were among the forgotten–teenage runaways, street addicts, children pulled from orphanages and foster homes.

“Obama fancies boys ages 13-16, and Axelrod made sure he got them,” our source said.

No boy, though, ever saw the inside of the White House.

White Hats Murdered While Investigating Child Trafficking Ring in LA

Silent shrieks of agony locked on melted faces offered a macabre greeting to Special Forces operatives responding to a tip that agents of the Deep State had caught and intended to kill four White Hats investigating a child trafficking ring in southern California.

The self-storage unit where the dead were found held four office chairs with a body shackled to each—arms cuffed behind backs and ankles bound to chair legs. An icepick protruded from an eye socket. Two propane torches lie on the floor, a blood-stained concrete slab.

On July 15, General Eric M. Smith’s office received in the mail a white envelope containing only an SD card and a typewritten note with the sentence “You’ll want to watch this.” The envelope had no physical return address and had been sent to the general via a remailing service–a company that takes post and then remails it, giving it a completely different return address and postmark stamp—in Mexico City, Mexico. Forensics found no prints or DNA on either the envelope or its contents.

The SD card had a video of two English-speaking men in ski masks standing beside the four then-alive soldiers, stripped naked, gagged, and fastened to chairs. At that moment, the soldiers had only superficial wounds, a cut above the eye, a lacerated cheek, etc.

General Flynn Denied Access to Mar-a-Lago

When longtime Trump ally General Michael Flynn, U.S. Army, Ret., arrived unannounced at Mar-a-Lago last week, he was asked to take a polygraph to access the estate’s command center, where President Trump and his allies have been monitoring White Hat activities and planning the downfall of the criminal Biden regime. Rather than take the test, a flabbergasted Flynn took offense and said that his loyalty to Trump was unimpeachable and that he wouldn’t let a fallible machine judge his allegiance.

Flynn told security that “heads would spin” once Trump learned of his mistreatment, a Mar-a-Lago source familiar with the incident told Real Raw News.

Flynn reportedly tried to phone Trump, who was not at Mar-a-Lago at the time, on the spot, but the president was unreachable. Security, our source said, informed Flynn that he was not singled out, that periodic polygraphs were now mandatory for all persons accessing the command center, regardless of friendship or affiliation with President Trump.

Mitch McConnell or Clone?

Encircled by a throng of lawmakers, venerable Republican Senator Mitch McConnell suddenly and inexplicably froze and fell silent for a minute during opening remarks at the weekly Senate Republican press conference on Wednesday. After the event, medical pundits quickly ascribed McConnell’s taciturn minute to a stroke or other significant neurological crisis; however, a Deep State cloning scientist in military custody believes McConnell experienced a “cloning glitch” common among clones approaching their 3-year expiration date.

As reported in January, White Hats apprehended a still unnamed geneticist who had previously worked at a hidden cloning lab in the Missouri Ozarks. The 50-year-old German-born mad scientist repented his ethical misconduct and agreed to help White Hats identify clones within the political elite, though he denied knowing the whereabouts of other cloning labs on American soil, blaming his ignorance on Deep State compartmentalization. He has been held under “isolated supervision” at Womack Army Medical Center, Fort Bragg, where White Hats had examined and dissected clones recovered from labs in Missouri and Alaska.

Clones of McConnell were found at the Alaska laboratory.

Illegal Chinese Biolab Uncovered In The Heart Of California Raises Questions on National Security

In a shocking development that underscores concerns about national security and biohazard risks, an illegal Chinese-operated biological lab has been discovered in Central California. This alarming discovery is spotlighted in an in-depth report on RedState, revealing a potential threat that has largely gone unnoticed until now.

The laboratory, established clandestinely and outside of legal and regulatory boundaries, was engaged in the use and testing of biological substances. Its activities were carried out under the radar, unbeknownst to local, state, and federal authorities. The discovery of this covert operation raises unsettling questions about the country’s ability to maintain its internal security and manage biohazard threats.

States’ rights make a comeback as Republicans rush to defy Washington

Several red states are rejecting the authority of not just the federal government – but also the conservative supreme court.

The message was blunt: “Texas will see you in court, Mr President.”

The words of defiance came from Greg Abbott, the governor of Texas, making clear that he would not comply with a justice department request to remove floating barriers in the Rio Grande. And Abbott is not the only Republican governor in open revolt against Washington.

 ‘These are conditions ripe for political violence’: how close is the US to civil war?