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Jeffrey Edward Epstein
Born: January 20, 1953

Who’s the “KRAKEN” – Jeffrey Epstein

January 2, 2021 Report

When Michal Flynn’s former lawyer, Sydney Powell, announced on 23 November that she would soon release the “Kraken,” Trump supporters hoped the mythical beast would transform into a trove of evidence proving Joe Biden and his friends from the Deep State’s dirty tricks division had stolen the election. Since then, Trumps’ election campaign has suffered a string of colossal loses, disappointing supporters awaiting their president’s imminent vindication.

At first Trumpists suspected that the “Kraken” was a cache of secret documents or a computer server hidden in Venezuela; however, recently unearthed information, along with a cryptic tweet, now reveals that the Kraken is a person, and that person is none other than convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein, the child molester who allegedly committed suicide while incarcerated at New York City’s Metropolitan Correction Center. The bizarre circumstances surrounding his death led many to believe he was murdered by the Deep State, to stop him from naming high-ranking Democrats who often visited Epstein’s orgy island.

But on New Year’s Eve, attorney Lin Wood dropped a MOAB (“Mother of All Bombs”), disclosing that Epstein is alive and well, and, it turns out, in the government’s Witness Protection Program.




Mr. Wood, whose credentials are unimpeachable, has long championed the president’s cause. His revelation substantiates the sworn testimony of a Washington source speaking under condition of anonymity.

Shortly after Epstein’s imprisonment, Trump’s people told Trump that the notorious sex offender had documents and computer records that could cripple the Deep State and Democratic establishment. Trump’s strike force also learned of a Deep State plot to assassinate Epstein in prison. Before the villains had a chance to enact their foul agenda, Trump’s team rescued Epstein from prison and placed him in witness protection in a non-extradition country, where the Deep State couldn’t touch him. The person killed in prison was a body double, our source said.

The real Epstein is alive right now, and he’s blabbing away to Trump. He’s spilling the beans on every one of them. He’s implicated the Clintons, the Obamas, and the whole Biden family. He has records and picture and video of Joe and Hunter Biden visiting Epstein Island seventeen times in the last five years. There’s video of Joe and Hunter double-teaming a…never mind, I can’t even say it. Trump is getting all the info he needs to show Congress who Joe Biden really is. Even if the election was legitimate, these revelations prove that a person like Joe Biden can never be president,” our source said.

Asked why Epstein cooperated, our source said Trump promised the infamous sex offender a full pardon in exchange for dirt on every Democrat who had ever set foot on Epstein’s isle of debauchery. Trump will issue the pardon on 19 January to forestall political backlash from persons who might object to the sexual predator released back to the streets. The administration also promised to return Epstein’s assets and properties, except for Lolita Island, the government had seized at the time of his arrest.

Before that happens, Epstein’s evidence must be compelling enough for congress to invalidate the 2020 election and for a military tribunal to either execute Biden or ship him off to GITMO for the rest of his natural life.

There’s a reason Trump brought back death by firing squad,” our source said.

SOURCE: Real Raw News

Lolita “Epstein” Island

Child Sex Traficking In America and Around The World

“The Kraken” Escaped Federal Custody

January 26, 2021


As Trump supporters prepared to lay siege to the Capitol and stop electors from certifying Biden’s Electoral College victory, Secret Service agents loyal to Trump were clandestinely escorting a VIP to the United States Senate Chamber. That person was none other than convicted pedophile Jefferey “the Kraken” Epstein.

As Real Raw News exclusively reported on 2 January, Epstein was alive and well and part of the government’s witness protection program. Operatives loyal to Trump had sprung him from a New York City correction center and faked his suicide, and when Trump realized that Epstein was indeed “the Kraken” and willing to name Joe and Hunter Biden as frequent guests of Lolita Island, he offered the pedophile the deal of a lifetime—clemency and a new identity for open testimony. Epstein promised to “spill the beans” to Congress at the 6 January Electoral College certification.

But then came the riots, and what should have been a triumphant moment for Trump became an inescapable morass.

At noontime, as President Trump stood at the Ellipse and addressed nearly 250,000 faithful supporters, two Secret Service agents prepared Epstein for his date with destiny at a safehouse near the Library of Congress. They made Epstein wear dark, baggy clothes and a hoodie with the hood drawn over his head. Tinted, jumbo sunglasses obscured his face.

One Secret Service agent, who has since been fired, told Real Raw News that Epstein started acting squirrelly minutes before his debut before Congress.

He started acting all nervous and sh-t, then cried like a baby, saying these people are f_cking dangerous, you can’t protect me, no one can. They’ll get me. You just don’t understand who we’re dealing withbefore we gave him a valium to calm his nerves. We were supposed to get him to the Capitol—take him in through the underground tunnel—and wait outside the Senate Chamber until President Trump got there after his speech,” our source said.

We told him he better do his deal or else he really would commit suicide,” he continued.

By 2 pm Trump had finished his speech and a massive crowd of his supporters assembled on the west side of the Capitol exterior, which is typically off limits to visitors. Meanwhile, the Secret Service agents led Epstein, who was not handcuffed, through the tunnel and up into the Capitol proper, just as protesters breached doors near the Senate Chambers, then stormed through the hallways skirmishing with an overwhelmed Capitol police force. Outmatched and outnumbered, some officers retreated for fear of being trampled or, worse, killed.

It was pure mayhem. Upon entering the building, we walked right into wall of people a thousand deep. Me and my partner each had one of Epstein’s arms, and we tried to guide him in through the mob. Everyone was squeezed together like a can of sardines, ass to ass, elbow to elbow. It was like a f_cking mosh pit. Suddenly a body came flying at my partner and knocked him strait to the floor,” our source said.

A second later, he, too, was cold-cocked and collapsed to the floor. When he and his partner came to their senses, Epstein was gone, nowhere to be seen. While many protesters were garbed in outlandish, polychromatic costumes and happily snapped self-incriminating selfies, an equal number of insurgents were inconspicuously garbed in clothing identical to Epstein’s dark hoodie and sunglasses. Not everyone wanted his visage blasted on the evening news.

Within minutes, two dozen Secret Service agents and US Marshalls fanned throughout the Capitol and D.C. in a covert, exhaustive manhunt to find Epstein, but he was gone, nowhere to be found. Epstein must have blended into the mob and absconded, probably never to be seen again.

The very people claiming to support Trump ended up fucking him,” our source said. “If they’d stayed outdoors, we would have made in with Epstein, and Trump would’ve been vindicated. The mob hurt Trump’s chances of ever getting the full truth out. If the event hadn’t happened, Trump would be in the White House right now instead of at Mar-a-Lago,” our source said.

Asked whether he believed the disastrous encounter was random or part of a Deep State snatch-and-grab operation, he said, “I don’t know. I just don’t know.”


SOURCE: Real Raw News

Biden Offers $10,000,000 Bounty for Jeffrey “the Kraken” Epstein, Dead or Alive

January 27, 2021

President Biden and first son, Hunter, have collectively financed a $10,000,000 reward for the safe return or death of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who allegedly committed suicide at a New York City detention center, but was alive on January 6 when he escaped federal custody during the Capitol riots.

A reliable source within Biden’s political orbit relayed the following to Real Raw News:

The Bidens learned of Epstein’s miraculous recovery through a tweet by controversial attorney Lin Wood, who unapologetically said Epstein had incriminating dirt on Democratic (and some Republican) legislators. Epstein’s evidence was purportedly so damning, it would have forced Congress to invalidate the Electoral College results. Moreover, a treasure trove of incriminating documents, photographs, and videos would have forced half of Congress to either flee the country or face life behind bars.

Joe and Biden had heard many times that Epstein was really alive, but never took it seriously until they read Wood’s tweet—for them, that was the smoking gun. They believe Epstein is alive, but it’s unclear if they knew Trump had him. It’s also unclear why Wood, a declared ally of Trump, would’ve spilled the beans. Surely Wood must have known Epstein was Trump’s ace in the hole to play at the Electoral College certification. Biden wants Epstein back, to squeeze him for info, or bury him,” our source said.

On 10 January, four days after Epstein absconded, Joe and Hunter Biden issued a bounty on Epstein. Since Epstein was officially dead, the Bidens couldn’t draw attention to themselves by using official channels or untrustworthy sources that might have told Trump that Biden wanted Epstein whacked or captured.

To keep the bounty inconspicuous, Biden hired a former NSA cryptologist to encipher a message to which everyone except the world’s top assassins would be oblivious. The Bidens anonymously published the brief, cryptic note to social media. A person able to decode the message would immediately know who to make contact with and how.

Asked how a mélange of bounty hunters and assassins—surely not Rhode Scholars—noticed and deciphered a message that would have befuddled Einstein, our source said he was not privy to specifics on the encoding/decoding process, only that Biden had reasonable assurance the message would reach the proper parties.

The Bidens removed themselves from the process as much as possible—plausible deniability. I doubt they even sent the message across social media. Any one of their people could have done it. He believes his message will reach contractors—that’s what he calls them—at home and abroad, because he mentioned Epstein might have gotten out of the USA by now,” our source said.

To his knowledge, no one has yet claimed the reward. The cash, our source added, is held in escrow at Vontobel Holdings, a Swiss private banking group headquartered in Zurich.

Biden is desperate and hoping his contractors get to Epstein soon, very soon, because he thinks Trump is doing the exact same thing—putting people at all four corners of the map to find Epstein before it’s too late. He doesn’t want the Kraken falling back into Trump’s hands,” our source said.


SOURCE: Real Raw News

Biden Doubles Down on Epstein the Kraken Bounty

January 29, 2021

As reported by RRN on Wednesday, President Biden and son Hunter had ponied up $10,000,000 for a dead-or-alive bounty on convicted pedophile Jeffrey “the Kraken” Epstein. Despite official reports to the contrary, Epstein is alive and well and has evidence that, if made public, would put Joe, Hunter, and the Deep State cabal on the next flight to Guantanamo Bay. There, they would face a military tribunal, prison, and possibly death by firing squad.

On Thursday, January 28, RRN obtained additional information confirming that the bounty swelled to $20,000,000 after other members of Biden’s criminal cabal added cash to the pot. A friend of Hunter, whose name we are withholding pending other confirmation, told RRN that Hillary Clinton, Barack Hussein Obama, Connecticut Senator Chris Murphy (D), and actor Tom Hanks each contributed at least $1,000,000 to the bounty. The implication is the aforementioned persons had ties to Epstein’s child trafficking ring.

According to our source, the Bidens received the added cash between Jan. 22-26 at a hotel, the Bethesda Marriot Suites, in Maryland, a short drive from D.C. Our source admitted he doesn’t know whether the named high-profile persons or agents on their behalf paid Biden, as it would be highly unusual—and stupid—to further expose themselves.

Hunter, however, was present and took possession of the cash, as Joe Biden feared using an intermediary.

Hunter and I were partying, smoking meth, when he told me this,” our source said. “We were high as f_ck, but his voice had this seriousness to it. He kept saying we’re f_cked if we don’t get Epsteinand then got all quiet and sh_t. I asked him who exactly, out of curiosity, you know, dropped off the cash, but Hunter wouldn’t say,” our source said.

RRN telephoned Bethesda Marriot and spoke to Richard Bernthal, who identified himself a general manager of the franchise, and asked whether Joe or Hunter Biden, either as themselves or under an assumed name, had stayed at the hotel. He refused to comment, citing privacy concerns, but said high profile guests often take steps to shield themselves from media inquiries. When asked if the hotel kept security footage, he said hotel policy was to release footage only when cooperating with law enforcement or by a subpoena.

As reported on Wednesday, the Bidens are desperate to find Epstein before he falls into the clutches of Donald Trump, whom Joe Biden believes is also spending extraordinary amounts of cash to locate Epstein.

It’s a race to catch the Kraken,” said a member of Biden’s transition team, asking to not be named. “If Trump gets Epstein back, and he has the evidence Trump thinks he has, it’s game over for the Bidens. Well, for a lot of us. Right now, this is Biden’s top priority. So many ships will sink if Trump snatches him and gets him to testify in open court.

In closing, RRN has contracted a private investigator in Maryland to obtain names of Marriot employees who were working the week the transactions allegedly took place. We will share details as we learn them.

SOURCE: Real Raw News