Assassination of top Putin adviser’s daughter by suspected Ukrainian operatives puts Europe on hair-trigger for World War III

Just as it appeared as though Russia’s invasion of Ukraine had ground to a stalemate, with some suggesting a Ukrainian counterattack is in the offing ahead of a pullback by Moscow’s forces, an event has just taken place that harkens historians back to the first time the European continent exploded during the 20th century.

China expert says country is preparing to go to war, and very soon

A noted expert on China says he sees signs that the Asian behemoth is making preparations to go to war — possibly over Taiwan — and very soon.

Gordon Chang, writing on the 1945 blog, said Communist Party cadres are ordering businesses and entrepreneurs to convert their production over to manufacturing equipment, a sure sign that Beijing is stocking up for war.

Revolution in The UK? 75,000 Brits Refuse To Pay Energy Bills

As a way to protest the soaring inflation and energy costs, around 75,000 Brits are going to refuse to pay their energy bills. Is this a sign of a revolution against central banks and the governments that help them destroy the public?

“75,000 people have pledged to strike on October 1st! If the government & energy companies refuse to act then ordinary people will! Together we can enforce a fair price and affordable energy for all,” tweeted “Don’t Pay UK,” an anonymous group spearheading the effort to have more than one million Brits boycott paying their power bill by Oct. 1.

Mob Burns Accused ‘Pedophile’ Alive

A group of vigilantes in Mexico took the law into their own hands.

A large group of people in Chiapas, Mexico beat and burned alive a man who was accused of raping and killing a six-year-old girl.

Alfredo Roblero was accused of raping and killing a child named Jarid, but before local police could get involved several men in the city of Chiapas poured gas on Alfredo and lit him on fire.

The aunt of the girl reportedly tried to report the killing and rape to the police but the men in the village stopped her and took matters into their own hands.


SAM HONNOLD recently appeared on the CSS and we discussed two unfolding events. China, is indeed, preparing to attack Taiwan and Brazil is close to a civil war.

OPEC+ Slaps Biden Down with Smaller-than-Expected Production Increase, Possible Cuts

Saudi Energy Minister Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman, a highly influential voice within OPEC+, suggested on Monday that reduced production could be necessary to stabilize markets because recession fears and the war in Ukraine drove global markets into “a state of schizophrenia” and reduced demand for oil.

Abdulaziz also defied the Biden administration by insisting Russia remains a member in good standing of OPEC+ and hinting its status may remain unchanged when a new OPEC+ agreement is drafted in the near future.

Boris Johnson Says ‘Absolutely Vital’ Taxpayers Continue Funding Ukraine War in Surprise Visit to Kyiv

On the 31st anniversary of Ukraine becoming free from the yoke of the Soviet Union’s communist regime and the sixth month anniversary of the latest Russian invasion of the country, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made another surprise visit to Kiev (Kyiv), announcing an additional £54 million in aid.

The UK taxpayer money will be sent on “2,000 state-of-the-art drones and loitering munitions will enable Ukraine to better track and target invading Russian forces,” according to a Downing Street press release.


Nuclear war with Russia seems to now be a deliberate, planned, action by the West, and this weekend, elected members of the two most influential western governments tipped their hand.  With what they said, nuclear war may be only DAYS away.

As most readers are aware, much has been made of the Zaporozyhe Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine.  That plant was taken over by Russia very early in their Special Military Operation (SMO) to de-militarize and de-Nazify Ukraine.

The reason Russia took control of the plant early is that if there is any kind of radiation leak from that plant, local prevailing winds would not only create a deadly threat to Russian troops operating in Ukraine, the winds could also carry radiation into Russia.  As one might expect, Russia does NOT want either of these occurrences.

Europe About to Descend into Chaos as Millions Could Die

Winter is about to descend on Europe, and due to energy shortages and resulting food shortages as well, millions of people’s lives are at stake.

I have often been accused in the past of using “hyperbole” or “exaggeration” in my headlines to promote fear.

But I disagree. I have no editors, bosses, supporters, funders, or anyone else who holds leverage over me as a publisher, and I seek to publish the truth that is often not published elsewhere.

I have had other publishers in the Alternative Media email me from time to time and write things like: “Hey, that was a great article you wrote, but can you change the headline so we can publish it on our site also?”